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Google Adsense ad optimization. (Positioning ad units)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hello and well come all Adsense account holder! We all know that it is the most powerful advertising program to monetize a website or blog. But, now a days it is very tough to get approved by Adsense (The Google Publisher advertising solution). 

I got my Adsense account approved in December last year (2012). I've started my AdSense journey with two banners and three text links on this blog- 

Banners- 120x600 (left side below the archive), and 300x600 ( right side below the Facebook plugin) 
Text links- 468x15 (between posts).

I'm always playing with my Adsense ad position on my blog in order to get the best results from it (not violating the Adsense policy). 

I've made several changes to my Adsense ad position from the day of starting but, I got the best result in the April 2nd when I was putted some new banner and text links in a new position on my blog. I don't know that you believe it or not- After this change I've earned the same amount of the last four months in just six days. 

Here is the changes-

  1. New banner 728x90 in top position.
  2. New banner 300x250 below the Facebook plugin right side.
  3. New banner 160x600 in place of 120x600.
  4. New text link 160x90 after the blog topic.

Best working unit is 728x90 and 160x90. I'm not only the one, many blogger have already said that ad unit 728x90, 300x250 and 160x600 are the best performing ad unit. 

Placement tips: 

Here is no such definite rule of placement the Adsense ad unit. You just follow the tips below..

  1. Experiment with your ad units.
  2. Put the ad units where visitors can find out it as useful. 
  3. Try all type of ad unit. 


  1. Nice website, I Liked your facebook page :P

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel - Romania

    1. He! Mr. Daniel Thanks for visiting my blog!


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