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My 1st Online Award From The Chitika, Inc.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I love Chitika (one of the famous online advertising network) from the beginning of my online career. From my point of view- Chitika is not only the best alternative to Adsense, it will be the best performing advertising advertising network for your website if you have the majority of traffic from USA and Canada.

I have both the Adsense and Chitika account. And, I had been using the Chitika and Adsense together in this blog for quite a few months (It must be appreciated that Adsense is the best).

Ok, let's back to the point-

I wrote a post about Chitika Referral Promo (a promotional program from Chitika) in this blog. Through this program Chitika awarded many bloggers for the great writing about the company (obviously for promoting Chitika). So, I submitted my post URL to Chitika Referral Promo listing page. At the end of the month (July, 2013) I got an email from Chitika that I win $50 for my submission. It was a really surprising for me.

Wining Email from Chitika
email from Chitika
Referral promo
July Winners
So, it is very clear that Chitika is not only a great advertising network to earn online revenue from your web traffic but also it is a great affiliate program. You can earn 10% commission from your referral earnings for 10 months. So, join Chitika today and earn two way revenue...

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