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A Business Should Not Depend On Advertising! Why?

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Advertising is one of the core parts of a business, whether it’s an online business or an offline business. Advertise distributes business messages to the relevant people that a business can be visible from every corner of society!

But, still a business should not be dependent only on advertisements. So many people already started their business depending on promotional advertisements and sooner they had to quit. There are many reasons behind it, but the main problem is- not to understand the purpose of business advertising properly! So now, if your business only depending on advertisements then-

Business vs advertising

It violets purpose of advertising: It’s true that advertising can give you some quick sales, but it unable to provide long term business revenue. The future of a business depends only on its product quality and its usefulness. If you unable to deliver useful products/services to the people, then, your business will not run longer. Here advertising can only boost your business performance so that you, your business can get more visibility and more customers within a short time. But, further action depends only on your product quality.

Advertising is costly: Today advertising is really costly for the both printed and digital mediums. So, if your business depends only on advertising, then probably your revenue will be lower than the normal. And at the end of the month your revenue will be nearly empty after giving salary of your employees.

You have to target new people every time: If your product quality is low and your business depends only on advertising, then you have to target new customers every time as every single person who used your products before may not buy these again. And, getting new people every time is too difficult. You need to change advertising platform every time, whether it’s a printed media or a digital medium. It’s actually not the way of business!

Your Business is actually cheating people: It’s really hard to digest, but the truth is- your business is cheating people directly or indirectly! It’s all because your product/service quality is low and you’re making people fool using fascinating advertising.

Therefore, don’t think for a business which will only depend on promotion and advertising!

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  1. All good points on providing good products or services in addition to your advertising or don't bother. Seems obvious, but for some, maybe not.


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