Go Slowly To Make Your Successful Blog

Creating blog is a good idea to shear something online and making money online also. A blog is simply a website, on which you can write about your own subjects. But, it has never been so much easier to start a blog in a proper way that you can engage a decent numbers of readers on your blog. Many of people were tried but failed several times. Only few genius people are successful on this. If you flow their success story then you can easily observe that they are all flowing a few basic rule of blogging.

The rules of successful blogging;

From choosing a topic to promote your blog, all the steps are very important behind the success of your blog. You can’t ignore any step if you want to be a serious blogger. Here the rules-
The first rule– Blog only about the topic on which your are an expert.

The second rule– Be consistent on blogging. Update your blog on a regular basic with new contents.

The third rule– Deliver only the new and useful contents to your readers that they can be benefited. Don’t write on common topic, it will make your reader boring.

The fourth rule– Make your title unique and attractive that it can go viral on social media.

The fifth rule: Don’t think too much about SEO. The search engine like google has 200+ factors to rank a web content and we know only a few. So, keep concentrate on writing valuable things, you will be automatically on the Google top.

Now, if you are planning to launch a blog with a desire to make a career form it, then you have to follow those 5 rules.  

Remember traffic is everything behind the success of online business as well as blogging. So, your first desire should be making your blog valuable that you can generate traffic from all over the globe. Once your blog is able to generate a decent number of traffic then you can earn money from only by putting advertisements like Goggle Adsense on it.

So, don’t think about making money, only concentrate on writing unique things.

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