A New Online Business Plan Has Born

Today a new online business plan has come out in India. We all know that the classified business is one of the most profitable business in internet. But some intelligent people are making lots of wealth by using free online classified service. In the website like OLX, QUIKR, sellers are posting their used or new product to sell, and interested buyers are collecting those product by making man to man deals.

But the interesting thing is, some third person people are interfering between them. You can take them as a broker. They are simply buying products form seller and selling those at a much higher rate by using same classified platform.

Let’s, try to understand that what they actually do. Suppose a broker buy a hard disk (second hand) at Rs. 2300/- form Quikr. After that he placing an ad for sale the same hard disk in Quikr again at a price Rs. 2700/-. That means a broker will make a profit of Rs. 400/- easily.

Here a question will arrived that why a buyer will pay Rs. 2700/- while he can see the same product in just Rs. 2300/-.

Please think deeply, that when a broker place the add of Rs 2700/- then the add of RS 2300/-will be sold already. So, here will no choice left for an argent buyers except buy the product at Rs. 2700/-.
One of my friends is doing this and he already purchases a bike form his profit in just four month.

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