How Classified Advertising Will Improve SEO and Organic Traffic

Today webmasters and marketers are appreciated that classified websites are one of the most effective platform for promoting anything online. Now, it is not bounded in only for business-product promotion, here a person can also promote any type of website or blog using free or paid classified advertising. 

Why classified sites provide organic traffic?

Classified sites are basically content rich websites what search engines loves to index and display in the top of the search results. Millions of people are using classified sites and are posting thousands of new contents (ads) each and every hour. So, usually classified sites have a natural SEO tendency. 

Therefor, if you use the targeted keywords in your classified ad title and description, then there is a big chance for your ad to appear in organic search results. This will give you a huge organic traffic to your business via free classified sites.

How classified sites will improve your Site SEO-
  • Creating back links: Many classified sites allow to post links (do follow) in ad matter. Here you can post your ad mater along with a back link.
  • Social Shares: Classified websites have a large number of traffic scale. So, if you place your ads on popular classified sites then a large group of people will notice your ads and share it on different social media. And, we know that social signals can help improve SEO.
  • Displaying your ads in search engines: If you use an unique ad title and description using targeted keywords then, search engines will display your classified ads in the first page( for only a few popular classified sites).

Tips to post an effective classified ads;

  1. Place it with in a proper category.
  2. Put your targeted keywords in Ad title and description.
  3. Put multiple ads in one site (if allowed).
  4. Place ads on all top classified sites.

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