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A Genuine Online Jobs Provider Company in India.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last updated on- 30/1/2015

Information about genuine job provider company:

Today thousands of people in India (and all over the world) are looking for a genuine online jobs to earn some extra cash online. But, unfortunately there are so many scams online job provider companies are present on the internet to make you an online fool. Now, it is-
very hard to find a genuine online job provider company which really pays for their clients regularly.

So, today I’m writing about a genuine online job provider company where I had been working for the last three years without facing any big troubles.

Still, I believe that it is better to set up your own online job. If you want to make a serious online income source then read your section- How To Make Money!

Online Jobs
The company! A Review

I'm never saying that there is no other genuine online job providing company in India. But, I can only take the responsibility only for one company name- Universal Info Service.  Because, I had been working with this company for almost three years.

“Universal info service” (search Google) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which has been providing many types of genuine online part time jobs since 2005. Here you'll find jobs like- ad posting jobs, data entry jobs, proof reading jobs

Here you need to pay a registration fee to join with your most favorite online job.

Registration process:

You can apply online for a job with- photo, address proof and an age proof documents.

During registration period- choose your job type and package carefully. 

Payment Methods

Demand draft, By Check or Account payment. PayPal.

My experience:

I had been with this company since 2010- as an ad posting client and I still connected. Only two months I had received my payment late, except that I don’t have any bitter experience till now. 

So, you can join the Universal info service without any hesitation. To make any quarries about the company you can call Universal Info Service customer care @0353-2461473.

Or if you want to get any help regarding this company from me then simply email me- or use the contact from bellow.

To know more bout registration fees and earning click here.  

I strongly suggest that don't join any online ad posting company before being satisfied yourself!

Please Note: It's totally my personal experience about the company which I mentioned above. Please verify well before making any decision to join above company. Because data says that- there are not a single work from home job provider company which is 100% honest! You can join above mentioned company if you do not have any self dependent money making ideas. 

Beside this you can start your own online par time job by doing-

  1. Affiliate marketing: It is a very popular online part time business today. You can definitely make a decent profit by promoting affiliate products over internet
  2. Blogging: You can start your online carrier by blogging. There are many free or paid blogging platforms available on internet like Blogger, WordPressTypePad, etc. Millions of people are earning huge revenue from blogging by quitting their full time job. So, start blogging today.
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  1. Sounds interesting!

    Such online jobs are otherwise very scary because each one of us has had our own kind of experiences where online jobs are concerned.

    However, as you recommend having checked it out, it surely seems like something that can be checked out.

    Thanks for sharing, and nice visiting your blog too. :)

    1. Yes it is scary because online job providing business is a huge profitable business because every common people needs some extra income for many purposes. And a large number of scam companies are utilizing this opportunity very well. So, it is too difficult to test the original success of this jobs.

  2. Looks good ! :)
    Thanks a lot for sharing ! :)
    Registering with hope.

  3. I want to say one thing about ad posting that give you some buch of sites from which 100 to 200 are either off or not working due to some issues so you cant complete your target because say if they give you 3000 sites to poste their ad then only 1000 are working.

    1. Hello Mr. Arora!

      You have pointed a very common issue of Ad posting jobs. Not only this company, it's the story of all Ad posting job providing company! Classified sites are not working properly so, a client can't reach the minimum target. That is why you need to collect at last 500 working sites yourself before join any company.

  4. But what this co is doing i dnt have any idea? Any experienced person can share his views

    1. To get this answer you can read this-

  5. What is the difference between fake website and new can we find out ..what is the solution for this.....even so many people thinking the same thing, even I...


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