Google Plus will help you to perform better in Google search engine.

Social media like Google pulse will help you to perform better in Google search engine. If you connect your Google+ profile with your website or content, then Google search engine will display your content along with your Google+ profile image in searching results. It is one of the best way to improve Google search engine visibility.

Not only that if you’re selling products online, then it will also be very helpful to increase your online sale. Because Google search engine will also display how many people shear or like your products. 


Recently posts on Google+ are also visible in search results. That means your original content may not appear in Google search but your Google+ share for that content may be visible in search results to your Google+ circle. 

This is the post of Guy Kawasaki in G+

And this is the Google search result to me (Guy Kawasaki is in my G+ circle).

Google pulse post in Google search

Watch this you tube video for details

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