How to compose email from Gmail’s new compose Window

Gmail has introduce new email composure window –29thof March 2013. Now you can send mail from a pup-up window that appears on the bottom of right corner of your screen.

You can send an email very fast, directly from your in-box by using the new compose window

New Look Gmail Message

To send an email using new compose window follow these steps

Step 1. Click on compose button in your Gmail in-box. Now the new compose window will appear on the bottom of write corner of your screen.

Gmail New Compose

Step 2. Type email id of recipients in “Recipients” section. Add Cc by clicking “Cc”. You can simply change the recipients and Cc by dragging each other’s.  

Step 3. Type subject of the email in “Subject” section.

Step 4. Write your message in body. You can change you writing style, color by clicking the ‘A’ icon.

Step 5. To attached a file, photo, emoticon, etc. from bottom bar.
Step6. Click send button to send your mail.  

For more help, go to Google support.

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