How to create an online survey from your blog or website!

‘Survey’ is the one and only way to measure the actual demand of market. Survey report is always indicating the next business strategy to a professional businessman.
Now, If you do this task from your won blog or website then it will be very meaningful to you. Especially if you have a business blog or any other online business. Because, in this way you can modify your business strategy based on your won customer demands.


For Blogger blog:– If you’re using Blogger blog then you can create an online survey very easily.

Just go to your blogger dashboard>>Click on “Add a Gadget”>> Click on Poll (Survey your visitors by adding a poll to your blog)>> Now set-up your survey question and answers>> Click save.

For WordPress blog:– If you’re using WordPress blog then download the ”wp-polls” plugin from Plugin Directory of WordPress. Then add this to your blog.

For other business websites:– If you’re an online business owner then there are many online PHP survey scripts are available for you. Avoid using free scripts. Use premium scripts to get more accurate results.

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