Why Facebook Become The Best Social Advertising Platform

In the world of digital advertising, Facebook is the most famous name. Today the Facebook is holding about 3.1% of the total online advertising market share (source-go-gulf.com) just behind the Google(44.1%) and Yahoo(12.3%). 

Facebook advertising is very effective for branding a business or a product. Today people measuring and trust the quality of a brand by counting Facebook likes. Not only that, Facebook advertising is also one of the greatest ways to promote a business by targeting most relevant audiences across the internet. 

Best Social Advertising Platform

Now, more than 1.11 billions of people are using Facebook every month (source-Yahoo news) and it is increasing. According to the e Marketer report- almost 89% of advertising agencies are planning for spending on Facebook advertising this year. That brings $1.60 billion advertising revenue for Facebook in the first quarter of 2013 (source-techcrunch.com).

Why Facebook Advertising is Too Popular?

There are many social advertising platform available to advertise (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest) but, Facebook is unbeatable. Now, the question is ‘WHY’? 

The answer is very simple-

Facebook has many outstanding advertising features which make a perfect advertising environment for all types of advertisers. 

  1. Facebook has a large number of user (all types, all ages). 
  2. Great utilizing of likes. Here ”Likes” means trust. It shows how many people trust a product or a business.
  3. Geographical targeting options that you can even focus on a small town. 
  4. Interest based targeting. People are more likely to click on interest based ads. 39% of people who click on ads are saying that they click on ads because- “it showed a product they were already interested in”. According to the Adsense almost 37% of their clicks in coming from interest based ads. 
  5. One time like, lifetime promotion. If somebody like a brand then he/she will receive all the promotional message for a lifetime. Even after expiring the advertising campaign. 
  6. Facebook advertising is very simple and low price.

Therefor here is no such doubt about that- why Facebook become the best social advertising platform. 

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