The Most Beautiful Commercial TV Advertisement I’ve Ever Seen!

Google Search ‘Reunion’ TV commercial India 2013

Google India

Personally I never like to watch commercial advertisements while I’m watching my favorite program on TV. I just switch to another channel immediate after ads appear and back again just before the program continue.

But today when I was watching my favorite Man Vs Wild on Discovery Channel with eating lunch, I saw a very emotional TV commercial where two old friends Baldev Mehra and Yusuf (one from Delhi, India and other from Lahore, Pakistan) meet each other after very long time. They lived in Lahore, Pakistan together till the partition of India and Pakistan (1947). After partition one friend had to come India with his family due to religion differences.

After a very long period the Indian friend melancholy rewind his golden memories with his grand daughter Sumon and he still believe that Yusuf (his Lahore friend) still miss him badly. After that Sumon able to contact Yusuf using Google Search. Finally they able to meet each other. 

I have really never seen this type of TV commercial before. I loved the concept used to promote Google Search in this advertisement. I’ve already seen the advertisement over 50 times on YouTube.

I don’t want to say any more. Watch how Baldev Mehra meet Yusuf after a long periode using Google on YouTube and give your opinion here.

This vedieo is also very clear in low quality (144p)!

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