Traffic Behavior in the Month of December!

I have seen for the last couple of years that my web traffic has been remarkably falling down in the month of December. I think you’ve also noticed the same for your website. Many newcomers within my contact list has asked me several times about that. I’ve just replied them that- “December is a very busy month for the people all around the world. They’re preparing and celebrating Christmas and New Year in this month so, generally they don’t have time for web browsing”.
Last night I found some genuine proof about that on Google Trends. Here you can see how traffic graph is falling down for most wanted keywords in the month of December-

Traffic decrising for keyword “Online jobs” in December
Traffic decrising for keyword “Online business” in December

While, entertainment keywords are in high demand for the month of December-

Traffic increasing for keyword “movie” in December
Traffic increasing for keyword “songs” in December

People are searching for entertainment categories for this session of the year so that, the rest of the categories are receiving low traffic during this session.

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