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Optimizing Affiliate Programs on Your Blog for Better Revenue

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First of all, I have to say one thing that, blogging is the perfect way to start affiliate marketing business. Because, there are lots of things to learn about affiliate marketing to be successful. Therefor, blog is the only platform where you can take your first step into affiliate marketing without spending much money from your pocket.

Keyword of affiliate marketing success!
''Professionalism'' is the most important word to run any kind of online business successfully.

Therefor, you have to be more professional in order to make money from affiliate programs. You need to do some experiment with your affiliate advertisements on your blog to get more perfect results.
Here you need to focus mainly on three things-

  1. Choosing the perfect affiliate program. 
  2. Placement. 
  3. Relevant/Quality contents.
Picture colour

Choosing affiliate programs: As an affiliate seller, your first duty is to choose the most related affiliate programs considering your blog topic. To choose a relevant affiliate program you need to focus on these things- 
  •     Look at your subject.
  •     Product quality.
  •     Merchant quality.
  •     Commission.

All the four things are the main concept behind choosing a perfect affiliate program for a blog or website. 

Placement: It is the most important part. Placement is important because, a good placement of advertisements might give you huge revenue. Oppositely, bad placement of ads can reduce your content quality. Place your advertisements on that part of your web page where your visitors will like to see some advertisements. 

If you're using banners, so there are nothing difference between AdSense ads placement policy and affiliate ads placement policy. The only difference is- you can use affiliate links within your content. This is very useful. here is the method-
Affiliate link type
 This is a screen shoot from digital-photography-school by Darren Rows. You can follow this method to integrate your affiliate products by highlighting the most relevant words of your articles by your affiliate links.

Suppose your affiliate link is -, and the most relevant keywords in your article is ''digital cameras'' then you can hyper link the words by the link.

Not only that, if you're using a picture of an affiliate product then you can also link the picture by your affiliate link.

Relevant contents: All the experiment will be meaningless to you, if your content is not useful. The number of clicks on your affiliate products will be depends on your article quality and its value. If you're able to engage your readers on your article then you will get more sell from your blog.

Finally, wish you a very successful affiliate business...
Be Professional, be successful.

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