AdSense Should Not be Your Main Income Source!

If you want to start blogging for money by only depending on the advertising network like Google Adsense then, I would like to suggest you to please keep yourself away from this beautiful trap.

AdSense for money

No, Google Adsense is not fake! It’s 100% genuine and top class advertising network for the web publishers. Yet, it’s very tough to generate a full time income from the Google Adsense using your blog. It needs huge traffic to make any difference in your Adsense income which is quite impossible for a newcomer. Only a few people out there who really successful and generating a full time income from it.

But, it’s quite possible for a newcomer that they might spend a lot of time and energy behind the Google Adsense, just after reading a fascinating success story on the internet. And, finally they will achieve a big Zero! That is why I called it’s a beautiful trap. 

But, I never saying that a newcomer should not start blogging for money. I only want to say that please don’t take the Adsense as your main income source unless you‘re receiving at last 5000 page views perday! There are many other options available to get income from your blog like- Affiliate business, Offering a paid service and many more. Remember, blogging never makes money, only a business can do this. 

So, you have to take your blogging as a business. Offer some valuable things from your blog to start blogging for money and keep the Google Adsense just behind this. Someday you might be achieve a full time income also from the Adsense. 

Here I want to know your personal thought on- making money on Google Adsense!

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