How Social Media Profiles Can Boost Your SEO Strength!

As a business owner, we’re generally using the social media like- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. to gain business reputation and social traffic. It’s not very tough to imagine that shares, twits and +1’s are directly reflecting the online popularity of a web content or an entire business.

How social media increase SEO

Today the usages of social media among the common people has increased very significantly due to rapidly growing smart phone users. So generally, social media have become a very strong medium to communicate the relevant people with a business message. Not only that, today, with the revolution of social advertising systems, reaching the relevant people on social media has become easier than in the past.

But, you might still not noticed that- only a good and strong social profile will send you thousands of relevant people to your business via search engines. It’s hard to believe but true! Your social media profile will also visible in the search engine results pages for the relevant search queries.

For instance- if your social media profile-is about local SEO service then, your social profile would be shown in search results pages for those keywords related queries (especially for the local search queries). But, you have to follow a few things before get the opportunity-

Here is an example- how Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter profile appear in the Google Search.

SEO and Social Medias
Social media profile in Google search 

How To Improve SEO of your business using social media profile;

Here is some ways to improve your social profile visibility in the search engine results pages –

  1. Make your social media title with your targeted keywords: For instance- if your business about men’s clothing, then your social media profile title should be like- men cloth at (your locality) or cheapest men clothes, etc. You can place your store name before or after the keyword.
  2. Make social media profile URL using your targeted keywords: For instance- if your targeted keyword is- “Web designer at New York”, then, your Facebook profile URL should be- ““, Twitter URL should be- ““. Linkedin URL should be- “” (for India) and Google+ URL should be- ““.
  3. Write a strong, useful and relevant profile description using your targeted keywords.
  4. Share your business related contents to attract people to boost your profile strength.

So, don’t just advertise on social media to get customers, try to drive organic traffics to your business using social media profiles. 

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