How to Submit URL to Google Without Having Sitemap

The success of your online business depends on how easily people can find your contents on search engines. And, to make your content available in the search engine result pages, you must ensure that Google is crawling and indexing your content easily.

In general, you need to go Google webmaster tools (Now. Search console) to submit your website that Google will 
crawl and index your site more quickly. But, if you own more than one website or you just want to tell Google to crawl your friend’s website then here is no need to create separate webmaster account for that. You can file an indexing request to Google from Search Console- Submit URL. It’s very similar like Fetch as Google. According to the Google- this feature is for only for speed up the indexing process.

Submit URL to Google

It’s really a nice tool from Google to make an index request for any new and old URLs. You just need to sign-in with one of your gmail account to use this facility. You really need to add this feature to your SEO checklist now.

Benefits of Using the Google- Crawl URL Form.

  1. No need to go Webmaster Tools every time.
  2. You can submit any web page or content. 
  3. No need to submit a sitemap for that.
  4. No need to verify ownership for that.
  5. Not only your site, you can submit your friends contents also. 
  6. You can use this tool for one of your updated URL.

The Limitations of the Google- Crawl URL Form.

  1. Here is no guarantee that your submitted links would be indexed.
  2. You can’t see the progress of indexing (It only can be seen in webmaster tools).
  3. You can’t see the errors of your submitted URLs.

This tool will not affect your SEO but, it definitely can boost your page indexing process.

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