Youth in India, Trusted on The Facebook Ads Than Other Digital Media!

If you want to get fast online customer then, it is necessary to go to a major online advertising network to display your business message in front of the right people. A true business conversion is always depends on the selection of your- advertising network, targeted people and business message.
Facebook Ads

Now it is also important that, how you’ve selected those advertising variables depending on the targeted location. Your advertising strategy should be different depending on the country and its requirements. If you’re using the same strategy for the two different countries like USA and India, then you’re making a big mistake. Because, the demand of the people in these two countries is totally different. In the USA, people demanding the quality. But in India, people looking for a cheaper price.

Recently, I’ve noticed a very interesting fact in my friend circle that many of them (age between-20 to 29 years) have purchased different kinds of products online for the first time. Yes! it’s interesting because they all purchased through Facebook ads. I asked many of them and got almost a same kind of reply! 

We’ve purchased because, it was cheaper and many of our friends recommended that. 

It’s not only for my friend circle, it happens for all Indian youth. I’ve already written about the behavior of Indian shoppers. Here you’ll get a close idea about the Indian shoppers. 

Now, one thing is clear that- youth in India are spending a lot of time with Facebook than searching and reading on the web. People are accessing the Facebook even from a low quality Java handset. So, it is a good idea to display your business message to the right people in the Facebook.

Plus points of Facebook Advertising;

  1. People spending most of the time on Facebook. So, here is more chance to get noticed by the people. 
  2. Narrow targeting options. City level targeting, gender level, interest based, etc.
  3. Here is a great chance to increase your reliability with the increase of Facebook likes. 
  4. Easy ad set-up option.

A few handy tips before going to advertise on the Facebook for India;

If you want to advertise your business in India through Facebook advertising then you have to consider these things- 
  1. Try to offer cheaper products or services.
  2. Try to target the people age between- 20 to 45 years.
  3. Try to put an eye-catching picture in your ads.
  4. Try to put an easy purchasing option on landing page.
  5. Make a top class Facebook page of your business that you can get more likes.

Make a better advertise to get a better business conversion.

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