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Manage Negative Reviews and Save Your Business;

Monday, July 14, 2014

Negative review has now become a very serious problem facing by all kinds of businesses today. It'll kill your business reputation silently, without giving any advance notice. A study of Bright Local says- "79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation". That means, if your business is getting more negative reviews, then you're just going to lose your business reputation and customers both at the same time.

Manage negative reviews

So, you have to manage all the negative reviews (your business is getting at the moment) to save your business from losing online reputation and permanent sales. 

If you take a quick look on a few business forum sites, then, you can probably see that how frequently people are discussing on this topic. Today, customers are using the digital platform to express their views about a particular product or company as the internet has become the fastest medium to spread a massage to a large group of relevant people. And, at the same time people also looking online reviews just before making a purchasing decision online. So, that is why online review is so important to the business owners and to the buyers also! Now, take a look at some probable solution-

Here,- How to manage negative reviews;

Probably, as a serious marketer you have already done many things to defend you business from negative reviews. But, here are some unbeatable ways to do the same-
  1. Be honest on your offers: Do not offer something which you can't manage properly. If so, then customers will be unsatisfied with your service and they will write a negative review (frequently happening). Remember it's the fundamental rule to make or reputation higher both physically and virtually. 
  2. Search your own business related reviews: Do a Google search with keyword like- "your company name+reviews" to find all the reviews related your company to see what your customers are saying about your business and products.
  3. Join the conversations: It is best to join the conversation to show that you're also present to solve your ex-customer's problems wherever they are. Your presence will satisfy all the readers who will read the reviews. 
  4. Answer all the reviews with a positive tone: You should solve all their problems with a positive business tone that your customers will know that you're really very professional. 
  5. Say sorry for your mistakes: If you have made really any mistake then don't hesitate to say sorry. After all business means creating a positive relationship with the people. And, saying sorry always improving the bond of relation.
  6. Put some positive reviews on some Top relevant blogs: It is the best option to recover your all the negative reviews. People do making purchasing decision after reading a blog reviews (Example- Affiliate sales). Once some of the top blogger write positive reviews on their blog then your business will get a huge reputation and a permanent source of sell. Blog post is appear more frequently on organic search o, here is more better chances for you. 
  7. Active in social media: As today, people are talking through social media so, you also need to be alert in social media to manage any kind of negative social response about your business. 
Finally I would like to say that customers knows everything! What is right and what is wrong! Still, I think that honesty is the best policy to prevent negative reviews. And, at the same time, positive reviews will make your reputation higher.

If you also have any suggestion then don't forget to share with us. Your suggestion will be very helpful to the all business owners. Thanks in advance.

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