How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Your AdSense Revenue

Leaving online using Adsense revenue is the dream of every Adsense user. But, practically it’s really very tough to make a decent revenue from Adsense. It needs a lot of hard work and ability to create most relevant contents that you can maximize the click through rate on your Adsense ads.

Now, you may surprise to know that Google Analytics report can help you to figure out your most profitable contents for Adsense! After getting the idea, you can create similar topic base contents to increase your Adsense revenue.

How to figure out the most profitable contents using Analytics;

To figure out the most profitable contents on your website using the Google Analytics, you need to connect your Analytics with your Adsense account first. You can connect your Adsense account with Analytics from the Behavior section of your Analytics report. 

If you’ve already connected both account then go to the Analytics reporting> Behavior> Publisher > Publisher pages. Now you can see the most profitable pages of your website or blog. If you’ve connected Adsense and Analytics just now the wait a few days to generate report.

AdSense earning increasing tips

Now, you can the most profitable contents of your site along with estimated earnings. Next, you can  increase your user engagement and Adsense earnings by writing those types of contents on your website or blog.

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