Why Your Business Should Appear on The Google Top Results

Only a few people know the value of appearing in the top position of Google search results. Your business needs to be appeared on the Google top results not only to get the maximum organic traffic but also it gives your business some extra value. 

Online marketers are doing search engine marketing to get traffic to their business website so, they have never evaluated other values of the Google top positions (top three results). Now, if you’re saying that enlisting your business in the first page of Google search result is good enough then you’re wrong. Because, research indicating something different than your thought practically! continue reading…

Google Search Results

Importance of the Google’s top search results;

No.1 Huge Organic Traffic: We all know that if a business appearing on the Google top results then the business website will get a huge amount of organic traffic than your competitors. And, it’s best to make the business conversion rate higher. So, every business wants to be appeared in the top position in the Google search results.

No.2 Maximum Reputation: Today A majority of internet users depends on Google very seriously. They’re using the Google search to get any kind of information online. Not only that, the common internet users also believe that Google’s search results are the Google’s recommendations. You believe it or not! And you’ll be happy to know that people are also looking for recommendations (and reviews) before going to purchase a product or service online. 

Google search results is like recommendation to the common people

Now think for a while, if the brand like Google recommends your business (think like a common Google searcher) then how much your business reputation will improve! And, for the same, it’ll also bring you a huge business conversion. So, try to display your business in the top position of Google search results by improving SEO. Because human nature only prefers the top three.

No.3 Less Advertising budget: If your business appearing on the Google top results naturally then you can cut your budget for AdWords advertising. 

No.4 Lots of Sponsors: If you’re on the Google top results then you’ll get lots of emails from sponsors offering you to display paid ads on your website. Because, sponsors need highly targeted websites to display their paid banners. 

These are only the top benefits of appearing in the top position of Google search results.

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