Content marketing Tips for Different Social Media Sites

Yes there is a deep relation between content marketing and social media! It’s not possible to achieve the goal of your content marketing without pushing your contents into social media. Because, nearly one-fourth of the total world population using social platform.

But, users’ behavior is not the same for all social media sites. The purpose of using different social media sites is different. So, a single type of content may not engage all the targeted people in different of social media sites. You need to have different content marketing strategies for each social media sites to get the maximum impact on your business.

Probable Content types for different Social Media Sites;

We’re going to discuss about three top social media sites- Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Facebook: Facebook is the largest social media site in the globe with 1.2 billion monthly active users. Almost all types of people from every country using the Facebook. Most of them are using Facebook to share personal updates and to communicate with their friends and relatives online. There are also so many people who use Facebook as entertainment purpose. See the example-

So naturally the fun and eye-catching factors are workings so well on Facebook. Therefor, you should also highlight the fun and eye-catching parts of your business with visual attractions (like- pictures and videos) while you’re promoting your business on Facebook. 

Facebook is best for B2C type business. 

Twitter: Twitter is the second largest micro blogging social media platform where people sharing billions of valuable information every day. It’s a more serious platform than Facebook because people on Twitter wants to see something new.

Here the freshness of content is more valuable than fun things. Marketers should highlight the unique and fresh parts of their business while promoting on Twitter. Your content must be relevant to your followers’ interest. 

Twitter is the best for B2B type business.

LinkedIn: It is the third largest social network in the world. People on the LinkedIn mainly focusing on the job and business opportunity subjects. So product related topic will not be so effective here. Successful marketers are discussing about business trends and business opportunity related topic on LinkedIn to engage people on their brand. 

LinkedIn is the best platform to gain trust and reputation of your business if you can fulfill your group members demands by supplying relevant contents and discussions. 

LinkedIn is the best for both B2B and B2C type business.

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