A Few Best Online Business Ideas Without Investment

The internet is the digital business platform to everyone. Today it’s the age of smart phone and everybody using the internet first to get any kind of information including business products. So, here is a real opportunity to build up a serious business online. Not only for the established business, the opportunity is equal for a newcomer also.

Basically business needs some basic investments, but, there are a few online businesses available for you which you can run without any investment. Here you just need to have a basic knowledge of Internet Marketing and a clever business mind.
Best online business idea

10 Best Online Business Ideas Without Any Investment;

No.1 Web Design Affiliate: Today, many small businesses and local shops are making business websites. They are looking for a reliable source where they can invest and trust. For that- they prefer local designer rather than searching online. Therefore here is a good opportunity for you to grab the offers as a local web designer. But, first of all you need to set up a web designing firm (with a valid trade licence) and tie up with some web designing companies. You can also hire your local individual web-designers as freelancer (pay for project type).
No.2 Work with PTC Sites: PTC means paid to click. You will be paid for each click on advertisements displayed on PTC site. There are many sites available to join (like- ClixSense it’s free). You can also earn money by referring the PTC program to others. 

Remember, earnings depend on this type of business on your referral marketing effort. 

No.3 Make Educational/Tutorial Videos: People love to learn online. Make educational/teaching videos (like- online classes or software tutorials) and sell them online for money. There are many websites are available to sell your videos. Beside this, you can sell your videos through your personal blog.
No.3 Write eBooks for Others: Many authors out there who unable to publish their books in different language due to bad economic condition. You can contact them online and translate their book in various languages in eBook format.

You can also help them to sell their translated books online for a commission.

No.4 Write Web Contents for Others: With the increase of online business competition, quality content is in very high demand. If you have the ability to write high quality content then you’ll make huge money by writing web contents for others. You can join site like lekhaka.com .

No.5 Blog about Demanding Topics: There are many bloggers who making thousands of dollars from their blogs. You can also make money by making a successful blog about demanding topics (like- software, career, travelling, Photography, tutorials, educational subjects, etc.). 

Remember, the success of blogging depends on the usefulness of your contents.

No.6 Promote Referral Programs: There are many types of referral programs available where you can make money by inviting each person into the program under you. This is also called paid to join the program ( Clixsense is one of the paid to join the site). You can also work with iTunes, Walmart, etc.

No.7 Write Paid Reviews: There are many sites are available which pay for writing a review on various topics such as software, hotels, restaurants, etc. You can really make money by writing reviews here. Join site like- Review Stream and get paid for your writing.

No.8 Create A Business Facebook Page: You might wander to know that you can run an online business only depending on the Facebok page! Yes, it’s true and 100% working! Today almost every smart phone and desktop/laptop users are using the Facebook frequently. So, you can easily reach your targeted people using Facebok page.

No.9 Become a WordPress Expert: WordPress is very flexible and easy to use so it’s become very popular web developing software. People are hiring WordPress experts to develop their websites. If you have web development experience then you must try WordPress development.

No.10 Teach Online: If you are highly qualified or if you are a teacher then you can earn money by teaching online. There are many online teaching opportunities available for teachers.

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