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How to Earn 3 Rupees for Each Ad Posting; Self Ad Posting Job

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ad posting job is one of the fascinating online part time job in the internet. Thousands of common people are registering with this job every day to earn some extra money. But the main problem is- the chance of getting a reliable ad posting job is almost Nil.

Most of the people are leaving this job within or after the first month. Beside these, you can really earn Rs 3/- (0.05) for each ad posting without joining a job providing company.

Self Ad posting make money

Learn How;

We all know that the ad-posting is nothing but promoting some business materials over the internet by which a job providing company earns profit. You can read the article- How does a real ad posting job company work for details.

Generally, ad posting companies are promoting their ad posting business to attract other people. But, sometimes they also sell something or promote pay per join (people will be paid for referring each people online) programs through clients' ad posting. 

So, once you able to find a business material or a pay-per-join program, then you can also earn money by promoting this through free classified advertising. I recommend a Pay Per Join programs.


Fist, get a genuine Pay Per Join site and register. The site will provide you an affiliate link which you need to promote through free classified sites to make other people join under you.

I recommend Clixsense where you will be paid $0.05 for each peeson you refer (after $10 earning). Here you can also earn by watching advertisements and playing games. It's free to join and you can double your earning by converting your account into a premium account. So, join the Clixsense (affil) to get your referral link.

After getting referral link follow the process-
  • Visit Clixsense everyday and click all the ads, do surveys, play game to reach your $10 mark as soon as possible.
  • Make a list of free classified sites.
  • Prepare an ad-matter with your referral link in a word-pad (which you're going to post in free classified sites).
  • Make your ad title attractive that people will attract your classified ad very easily.
  • Now post your ads in all the free classified sites on a regular basis. 

Estimated Earnings;

Now you will be paid $0.05 (Rs-3) for each people join Clixsense through your referral link. 

You will get 300 affiliate link click every day (for 6 days apx) for posting 500 ads in average (verified). For 300 clicks you'll get 100-120 joining. That means you can earn $5-$6 (Rs-300-360/-) every day.

So, try to post ad in 70 to 100 classified every day and repeat after every week to get a better result. 

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