Does High Paying Keywords will Give You Higher Adsense Revenue?

Google shares 68% of AdWords advertising fee with the Adsense publishers. Which means if an advertiser pay $1 (cost per click or CPC) to the Google AdWords then an Adsense publisher will have $0.68 for every click received on the Ad. 

So, simply- higher CPC in AdWords will give higher revenue to the Adsense publishers.

But, practically this equation is not perfectly working in all conditions. Most of the time, high paying keyword-rich contents do not supply higher CPC to the Adsense publishers as it expected. Some time it might be as low as $0.03 (you can track your Adsense CPC for a particular content using your Google Analytics account). 

It’s really surprising and frustrating to the people who spend a lot of time behind the creation of high paying keyword-rich contents.

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Why High Paying Keyword might not be Supply Higher CPC in Adsense?

For the high paying keywords like- Donate your car (bid- $80.7), Cloud hosting solutions (bid- $68.65), Auto insurance (bid- $73.08), etc. advertisers could pay a large amount of money to run their cost-per-click (CPC) Ad campaign to stay in the competition. Beside this here is no guarantee for a perfect ROI. So, advertisers are likely to go for a CPM campaign (cost per million impressions). Here an advertiser will be charged only for every impression received not for clicks.

So, naturally in CPM bidding system an Adsense publisher will be paid only 68% of the per-impression cost and here will be no extra revenue for clicks. 

Let’s an advertiser bid $100 for 1000 impressions (CPM rate is- $100). So, the Adsense publisher will be paid $68 for 1000 impressions of the Ad (Because, Google gives 68% of revenue share to the Adsense publishers). 

According this- for a single valid impression an Adsense publisher will be paid $0.06 to $0.07. And, here is no extra revenue for receiving clicks on the ad.

So, creating content with high paying keywords might not be a great idea to get maximum Adsense revenue.

My suggestion:

I recommend medium competitive keywords with bidding cost around $1. It’s best for the CPC campaign and suitable for ROI. If you target those keywords, then you can easily get $0.68 for each click on your contextual targeting. 

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