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Next Generation Content Marketing Strategy;

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Content marketing is always highly demanded to the online marketers. People always looking for a good contents to get their desired information on the internet. So, it's natual that people will find you if our content is useful. But, with the increase of online competition an useful content also needs to be targeted perfectly to its relevant people.

Future content marketing

Now, only a quality content is not enough for today's content marketing. You have to make it
ideal by implementing different kind of marketing tools, that you can route your content through different modern internet channels to reach its expected people. 

But, as the technology is improving continuously, the content marketing strategy is also needed to be changed within a few years interval. It might be effective from the middle of 2015. Because, the internet is leaning to the small screens very fast and it will overtake the big screens in 2015. So, we're all going to experience a next generation internet system very soon. 

Therefor, it's time to modify your content marketing strategy also!

Welcome to the next generation content marketing;

Next generation content narketingHello and welcome to the next generation content marketing (welcome to the future).

Here is a lot of internet user that you have never seen before. Almost two-third of the world are using the internet so, here is more online customers are waiting for you. 

But, here is a little problem! You can't use your old content marketing techniques now, because, almost two-third of the total internet user are using Smartphones and tablets to surf the internet. So, contents have also become mobile based. Not only these, now people demanding more visual contents that they can access it more fast and easily. 

Now take a look at the next generation content marketing strategy; 

No.1- More useful: The contents are more useful and easier to read. Written in simple English that all types of people can find the meaning easily. 

No.2- Perfectly targeted: Contents are not only keyword targeted, the writing quality is also based on content topic and the targeted people. 

No.3- Good bye Long contents: Here is a less chance for the long contents. Because, people surfing the internet through smartphones and it's boring to read a long content on smartphone. Ideal contents are only one scroll long. That means a content should end by one full scroll on a 5.2-inch smartphone screen (on average). 

No.4- Visual contents are successful: As the next generation internet user has no time to waste so, visual contents like videos, info-graphic, less written with picture demonstration, are high on demand. 

No.5- Contents are more social media friendly: As next generation people are spending more time on social media. So, the contents has become more social media friendly that people can use access, use and share the contents more frequently. 

No.6- Only responsive contents: Ideal contents are loaded perfectly in all devices. Therefor, your landing pages must be responsive and mobile friendly.

So, modify your content marketing strategy today and get ready to enter the next generation content marketing competition.

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  1. WOW, I'm glad to found this excellent post and I agree all the 6 content marketing strategy. Very helpful strategy awesome.


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