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Top 10 Ways to Make Money by Free Online Ad Posting

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Today classified sites are very much popular among the all groups of people. You can really sell your used or new products within a few hours by posting a simple and free classified Ad.

Many people out there who have been operating a serious business using this strong selling theory. They are not only selling their own products they're also selling others products for a higher price.

I've already written 3 Simple Ways to Earn Money Online by Free Classified Ad Posting before. But, today I'm going to introduce the top 10 ways to make money by selling own and others products using free classified Ad posting-

Make Money by Free Online Ad Posting

No.1 Be a Real State Broker: If you are a broker or want to earn money being a real state broker then you can advertise plots, lands availability on free classified sites like-OLX, Sulekha, Craigslist, etc. to get quick customers. 

Not only this, if you want to earn some quick cash then contact local housing groups and find buyers and renters for their flats.

No.2 Help People to Sell Cars: There are many people who still not using online advertising to sell their cars and bikes (especially in rural areas). Help them to find customers using free classified sites for a certain commission. 

If you have some orders the advertise your queries.

No.3 Sell Old Books: Old books are not available in book stores so people using the internet to find old valuable books. So, if you have some valuable old books then sell those online by placing free classified ads. 

You can also sell others old books for a certain commission. 

No.4 Sell Software DVD: If you have some gaming or important software (like- operating systems, AutoCAD) DVD then sell them through classified advertising.

No.5 Sell Pets: People love pets. Almost every aristocrat person has a pet. Contact your local pet sellers and make a selling deal with them.

Sell their pets using classified advertising and earn money.

No.6 Rent Your car: Rent your car, bike to earn money. Just place free classified advertising about your rent proposal and you'll get customers shortly.

Make sure your legal papers are ready before rent your vehicles. 

No.7 Let Night Food Delivery: It's very tough to find a restaurant/ hotel open to the people who came to your city let at night. They desperately need a service like let night food supply. 

You can advertise your food supply business on classified sites to get some extra orders.

No.8 Sell Your Class Note: It's also very profitable. You can sell your class notes to the local students. If you're feeling uncomfortable to share your current notes then sell previous class notes. College notes, competitive exam notes, vocational class notes are high in demand.

Place an attractive classified advertisement to get customers quickly. You can also place a premium ad for that.

No.9 Sell Handmade Products: Contact people who make handmade products (like- wooden arts, mud arts, bamboo arts, sewing arts, etc.) and make a selling deal with them. 

Then place classified ads to get customers.

No.10 Supply Online Jobs: People really looking for online jobs because the internet getting more trust able to the common people. So, take franchisee from your known job provider company and supply clients to them using local classified advertising.

Why Classified Ad: People also using eBay to sell their items. But, classified advertising has some advantage like- 

  • Here you can talk with your customers directly over phone.
  • No shipping cost for buyers.
  • No late shipping.
  • Quick cash
And many more...

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