You Have to Know These Things to Earn From Google AdSense

You have made a correct decision by choosing Google Adsense for monetizing your web contents. There are no such advertising programs like Google Adsense which will give you the same revenue having the same amount of web traffic. It’s because of Google have huge numbers of advertisers with almost all kinds of topic which will deliver endless contextual ads to your web contents.

Making a big amount of money on Google Adsense is really a big challenge to the publishers. You need to do a lot of experiments and a high traffic website to make a real difference. Not only these, maintaining a healthy account is also tough where thousands of Adsense account are disabling everyday. Here are some must follow things which you have to know to maintain your account healthy and to earn a decent amount of money from Google Adsense-
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The Points, You have to know;

  1. You have to maintain a healthy amount of traffic to earn from Google Adsense.
  2. Place Adsense ads where your visitors are mostly engaging (like- Header, In content, Sidebar, Footer).
  3. Experimenting with ad sizes is compulsory. 
  4. Content should be written based on the demanding keywords that Google can deliver high quality advertisements.
  5. It takes time. There are no shortcut ways to earn from Adsense.
  6. Your website should be loaded fast.
  7. Number of clicks on Adsense is depend also on the site designing.
  8. Don’t block Adsense Crawler by robot.txt. Read- Relation between your ‘Keywords’ and ‘AdSense’ earning;
  9. You should follow Analytics to know what types of content are best for your Adsense income. Read- How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Your AdSense Revenue .
  10. Don’t modify Adsense codes.
  11. Don’t click on your own ads.
  12. Don’t encourage people to click on your ads.
  13. Don’t make Adsense ads floating or don’t place Adsense on the pop-ups.
  14. Your website should not contain adult or gambling contents.
  15. Your website should not receiving paid traffics.
  16. You should not promote your website spamming ways.
  17. Don’t tell your site name where Adsense ads are running. They will click on Adsense several times to make you rich but it might be a cause of disabling your account. Beside this there might be some person who will click to disable your account. Google is monitoring every click very closely especially when your account is new. 
  18. Here is no substitute for hard work. You have to work hard to make money from Adsense.

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