How To Track Geo-location of AdSense Clicks

You need to monitor your Adsense account frequently to keep it safe from invalid click activity. Especially, when your account is new! Everyday, thousands of Adsense account have been disabled for only invalid click activities.

Once you’ve noticed this kind of activities (instant increase of CTR and earnings) on your account, you need to make your website unavailable for a few days for the location from where the clicks has came. To do this, you need to track the clicks first! But, the Adsense account only allows us to track the country level clicks location (It’s also difficult to block your website for a specific city).
Now the problem is- if you disable your website for a whole country, then you’re also going to lose a large amount of quality traffics from there. Therefor, the only solution is to find a city level tracking option and then block all the IPs coming from the particular city.

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There are many scripts available to track Adsense clicks (IP level tracking) but, those might harm the Adsense terms of service as well as your site load time.

Note: Not only for tracking the invalid clicks, sometime we need to track city level clicks to know the best performing cites.

Safe way to track Adsense Clicks;

By using this method you can track city level, location of Adsense clicks

If you are using Google Analytics then you can track your each and every Adsense clicks in your Analytics report.

But, first of all, you just need to allow Google Analytics to read your Adsense data by connecting both accounts with each other. After that you can track city level location for every Adsense-clicks in your analytics report by following steps below-

Adsense click tracking

Step-1. Log-on into Analytics >> Go to the reporting section! Now you can see the “Behavior” option on the left side of the screen.

Step-2. Now, expand the “Behavior” option  >> Here you can see the “Publisher” (Updated) tab under the “Behavior” option.

Step-3. Again, click the “AdSense” tab to expand it >> And, then click the “Publisher Pages” (updated) >> And select the date range you want to examine.

Step-4. Now, click the “Secondary dimension” (see the picture) >> And select the “city” under “User” tab.

Now, you can see the cities where you have received clicks on your Adsense ads.

Finally, go your website control panel and find out all the IPs for the city you want to block. And then block all the IPs one by one!

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