16 All Time Favorite Online Money Making Methods

Earning online is a dream for every person who surfing the internet on a regular basis. Many people out there who are already making thousands of dollars over the internet and leaving online. Yes, it’s not a fiction, it’s real and can be done by you. Just the condition is– you have to be realistic and conscious about online marketing.

Making money online is not an easy task! But, once you got the right way you will definitely can earn a decent income online within a very short period.

Here presenting the 16 all time favorite online money making methods for newcomers.

A list of ways to make money online;

Make business website to make money online

1#. Make a Business Website: Simply, a website will never make money but, a business can do! So, you can start an online business by making a business website.

If you have an existing business or a family business, then you definitely can take the business online by spending a few hundred dollars. Otherwise, you can take your business online through Google Small Business Service for free.

If you don’t have any existing business then, you can start any types of business online whatever you like. All types of customers are available online. For example, you can start- online shopping site, coupon code site, music/entertainment site, a daily news site, educational site, etc.

2#. Selling Products online:- Do you have some products to sell? Then sell them online! You will have thousands of potential customers online for your products.You can use the websites like-eBay, Amazon, OLX, Craigslist, etc to sell your products online. It’s all free!

Thousands of people out there who have been making a full time income by selling products online.If you want to take this business seriously, then, use eBay or Amazon because it’s safe, secure and popular. Otherwise, you can do this from your own website (if you have already won one).

See the video- How to sell on eBay and make money.

    3#. Earn From Adsense: Google Adsense is the all time biggest online money making tool to the webmasters. It’s a contextual advertising system which displays content related ads on WebPages.

    A website owner can make money by sending traffic to the advertisers’ website using Adsense ads. Webmasters are only need to implement a Java script ad code to their web pages to display Google ads.

    Watch Adsense success story-

    To apply Adsense you definitely need a content rich website with a reasonable traffic. Apply Adsense from here.

    4#. Affiliate/Referral marketing: Referral marketing is the process to earn commission by selling others products by your own effort. There are many affiliate programs available to join but, the Amazon Affiliate and commission junction is on the top position.

    Affiliate marketing to make online money

    You need to have a website or blog to implement affiliate products to sell online. Today, people are really like to buy online so, they look for an honest review. If you can convince those people with your writing, then you definitely can make a good commission for that.

    Here are some good affiliate marketing sources;

    5#. Do Freelancer Jobs:– Freelancer job means self employment jobs. There are lots of online jobs under freelancer like- Content writing, Web designing, SEO marketing, Consulting, Data entry and much more.

    Freelancer job for make money online

    Actually freelancing jobs are contract based job. Companies are hiring talented self-employed people to work in favor of them for a certain time period. There are a lot of freelancer websites available to join. Employers are hiring freelancers from there. Make your profile today to get hired.

    Here some job suggestions for you:

    1. Paid guest blogger.
    2. Paid content to business websites.
    3. Freelance writing.
    4. SEO content writing.

    6#. Virtual Assistant:– It is a contact base job. Basically, the businesses who can’t afford an employee for a particular post are needing a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant uses the technologies like- Skype, Google voice an also over the phone to communicate with clients. 

    Be a virtual assistant to make money online

    Virtual assistants can set their own salary and working hours. Therefor, you can do this as a part time job. As it’s a freelancer job so, you can find virtual assistant jobs in many freelancer websites like- elanc.

    7#. Blogging:– Today blogging is also a top class online profession. Thousands of people are doing blogging and making a full time income from there. A blog generally makes money from advertising and selling affiliate products.

    Blogging for make money online

    Once your blog gets a huge amount of traffic, then you can make thousands of dollars by sending traffics to the advertisers’ websites using programs like Google Adsense or Amazon affiliate. Start a blog and create useful contents to get huge web traffic now.

    Read more about blogging here.

      8#. Make Paid Software/Apps: If you are a software developer but, not still have a job then, you can develop a few useful software to sell online. The demand of software has been always very high. 

      So, forget 10 to 5 pm job and show your talent online! Someday you might be an online star! You can sell your software on MyCommerce.

        9#. Make Premium Blog Theme: With the increase of professional bloggers, the premium blogger/WordPress themes are also in high demand.

        Make premium theme to make money online

        Professional blogs need a premium theme because, free themes are not copyright free. Not only this, today, so many small businesses are also using WordPress websites. So, if you offer a high quality theme for a low price, then, you definitely sell your team quickly.

        10#. Selling Photos Online: If you’re a photographer or a Photoshop specialist, then you can sell your photos at a very good rate. Because, pictures are also a part of web content and most of the pictures are copyrighted, not for commercial use. 

        That is why webmasters and web professionals are buying photos for commercial use. Best photo selling websites are-

        Sell photos to make money online

        1. ShutterStock.
        2. Shutterfly.
        3. Dreamstime. 

        12#. Online Jobs: The online jobs are also might be your online income source. There are many kinds of home based online jobs available on the internet. You can choose your best one to make a part time income from home. Here are some online jobs-

        Online jobs to make money online
        1. Online Data Entry.
        2. Ad Posting.
        3. Proof Reading.
        4. Online Teaching.
        5. Online Survey.

        13#.Write eBooks: If you are an expert of a particular filed then, you can write an eBook about that. Books are the best source of complete knowledge. Today eBook sell has increased significantly with the increase of usage of digital devices.

        You can sell your eBook as an Amazon Seller.

        14#. Start YouTube Channel: YouTube is the world’s 3rd largest (after the Facebook) website. Billions of people watching YouTube videos every day. If your YouTube videos get a decent view, then you can make money from them by implementing an Adsense video advertising on it.

        Make YouTube channel to make money online

        Once you have a YouTube channel gets a decent view then, you can apply for Adsense. So, start making some awesome videos for YouTube now.

        15#. Be a Domain Broker: The Internet is now becoming an essential part of our life because of smart phones and laptops. So, everybody wants to be online. For that,- they need a domain name. Today getting a good domain name is a real challenge.

        Many people are buying good domains to sell them for a higher price in the future. It’s called domain auction. You can also do this business by simply joining into Godaddy Domain Auction. A 10 dollar domain might be sold for more than 1000 dollars.

        16#. Make Premium Tutorial Videos: Suppose you are a computer hardware expert. Now if you create a detailed tutorial video on- how to repair a mother board then, the many hardware students will buy your video. Because, the really need that. Your video might on a password protect webpage or DVD format.

        So, make a premium tutorial video on your field and sell them online.

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