Search Engine Marketing; How To Create an SEO Article

In general, the articles which search engines like to display in the front page of search results is called SEO article! Others are not so effective because, most of the users are only visiting the websites listed on the first page of search results.

Search Engine Optimization is the best way to fulfill your Search Engine Marketing’s goal for free. To do that, you need to display your content on the first page on search results. For that, you need to make your articles Search engine friendly.

Search Engine Marketing

Importance of SEO articles

If your article is perfectly search engine optimized and can be found in the first page of search results, then your website is going to receive a good amount of organic traffic. You might also prefer referral and social traffic (the traffic comes from social media) but, only the organic traffic has the maximum business conversion power than any other types of web traffic (even, than paid traffic). That is why most of the search marketers are investing a lot of money to create SEO contents.
The benefits of SEO article;
  1. A lot of organic traffic (traffic comes from search engines).
  2. Maximum goal conversion.
  3. It’s free.
  4. A long time effect.
  5. Will increase site reputation.

Tools to write an SEO Content

To make your article search engine optimized, you need to apply some tools which search engines follow while crawl and indexing web contents. The search giants like Google, Yahoo never tell their internal policy of indexing web contents. Still then, there are some common tools which every search engine uses to calculate the search ranking of a web contents.  Those are-
  1. Keywords.
  2. Meta Tags.
  3. Image Alt tags.
  4. Permalink.
  5. Grammar/spelling issues.
  6. Usefulness

How to write SEO article

Well, an SEo article is the perfect combination of the above six things. So, you need to use those six things while you are writing your contents.

Adding Meta tags (Search Description):

Meta tags will not affect on the search ranking of your site, but still then, search engines follow Meta tags to determine the content topic to display in search results for the relevant queries. Meta tags are located inside the head (<head> Meta tags </head>) section of the HTML part of your website or blog.

If you are using WordPress, then you need to use a good SEO plugin to add meta tags for each content separately. And, if you are using Blogger, then you can see the search description adding option within your post editor.

Usage of meta description

Mainly you need to add three types of Meta tags-
  1. Title tag: Format- <title> article title </title>. It’s your content title.
  2. Meta description: Also known as search description. Format-  <meta content=  “Your content description here” name=’description’/>. The Meta description must be attractive, keyword targeted and relevant to the article because, it’ll be displayed in search result in front of the users.
  3. Meta keywords: Format- <meta content=  “Your content keywords here” name=’keywords’/>
Getting the Perfect Keywords:

The keyword is a word or a phase of words which people used often in search engines. It is also not a search ranking factor. It only helps to categories web contents based on search queries. It also helps you to estimate organic traffic for a particular web content.

You can use keyword tools like Google Adwords keyword planner to find a perfect keyword for your upcoming content. Always try to choose the medium competitive with high search value keywords (also long tail keywords) to get better ranking in search results.

Don’t be confused, keywords will never affect your search ranking but, if you use high competitive keyword then the higher authority websites (the website which has high search ranking factors) will push you back in search results.

Where to use keywords?

Keywords must be placed within content title, Meta description, content body, in permalink (content URL). If your content-keyword is directly related to your domain-keyword then it’ll increase your search ranking.

But most importantly, your article must be written based on your keyword’s topic. Today search engines are only displaying the relevant topics in search result. That is why search engines also examine the signals coming from social media to calculating the ranking of contents. Therefore, your article must be relevant, valuable and shareable.

Image Alt Tags:

Image ALT Tag is used to describe images to the search engines. Without ALT tags, the search engine will never know what your image is about. It works great for the image search.

An image Alt tag is looks like this- <img src=”mountain image.JPEG” alt=”A mountain image”>
You can add image ALT tag manually to the every image.  If you are using WordPress or Blogger, then you can add aLT tag to the images very easily.

For WordPress -you can see the ALT tag option just after uploading every image.

And for Google Blogger- after adding images to the post, right click on image >> go to properties to get the ALT tag option.

Permalink Structure:

It is also known as URL structure. URL structure plays a vital role in SEO. A better organized URL will help search engines to crawl a content better. Not only that, the search engine also filters URLs to catch keywords. See the example-

Keywords in URL

A perfect URL should look like-

Grammar Corrector:

Your contents must be grammatical mistakes free. The search engine like Google, Yahoo are very strict about error contents. Grammatical, spelling mistakes decrease your content’s value and there is no place for valueless contents in search results.

Reverso is one of the best free online grammar checking tool you can use.


It is the key of content marketing success. Today SEO has changed very significantly and the search engines like Google looking for exact informative contents for users queries. So, respect your targeted audience by providing useful contents.


Search engines are getting smarter day by day and they look for only valuable contents. Therefor, if your content is really valuable to the users, then search engines will rank your content better. So, create only valuable contents to fulfill your Search Engine Marketing’s goal.

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