3 Questions You Really Need to Ask Your Customers At The Time of Delivery

Customer opinion is the lifeline of any business. You really need to know what your customers are thinking about you, especially when you’re involved with an eCommerce business (to keep your eCommerce services better than your competitors). The behavior of the internet users has been changing very rapidly for the quite a few years, so, it is almost impossible to set a single marketing plan which will work for a long time. You need to modify your marketing plan time to time with the change of the internet behavior and technology.

But fortunately, you can break all the marketing puzzles by making your business more user friendly. This technique will never expire and will work forever. Now, in order to make your business user friendly, you need to know your customers’ opinion first. And then you can set a long term marketing plan for your eCommerce business depending on customer requirements.

Delivery time survey

People are only focusing on the products and related reviews while they are purchasing online and they don’t like to give their personal opinion at that time. So, it will be best to have their personal opinion when they got their purchased products on hand. Because, people are only able given a real feedback when they have completed a full business action with you. Not only this, people really want to say something about your products or services just after delivery because, they have probably experienced something better or bitter with you.

So, it’s time to update your business plan and introduce delivery time survey to get the original customer opinions about your business.

What to ask your customers?

Probably you need to know so many things from your customers, but there are only three important questions you should definitely ask your customers to get the overall business performance. So, many questions might disturb them.

Here the three questions-

1# Where did you find us?

By asking this question, you can easily find-out the most valuable marketing channels from where you have gotten the maximum number of customers. With the help of this data, you can set your next advertising budget for different marketing channels to increase your ROI.

For example- if you’re receiving the maximum number of customers from search engines, then it is clearly indicating your SEM (search engine marketing) is going right and you need to focus on other marketing channels like social media marketing.

2# Do you think that we’ve provided the best service to you?
By asking this question, you can easily figure out that, whether your business in on the right track on not! If you have gotten the maximum number of positive response, then your business is definitely performing better than others. And, if you have gotten a reasonable number of negative response then it’s time to modify your services like- delivery, return policy, customer support, etc.
3# What do you think about our products quality and pricing?

It’s the most important question to ask your customers! So, you should place on the first position of your survey paper. This question will indicate the importance of your business to your customers. In the eCommerce business the most important variables are product quality, pricing and availability. And, that is why customers are ordering online instead of a local market.

So, It’s time to introduce the delivery time survey!

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