4 Easy Ways to Check, Whether Your Blog is On The Right Track or Not!

Obviously you are working hard to reach your dream milestone of success. As a serious blogger, you’re probably very much serious about your current blog traffic and income status. Here is no doubt that these can help you to figure out your recent blogging performance by which you can make your next blogging strategies.

But, to keep stay your blog on the right track, you need to keep your eyes on even more things than traffic and income status! A successful blogging doesn’t only mean to be updated with traffic and income report, it also means to keep intact all the things which will affect your blogging performance in future.

Right Track

There are 4 useful tools which will show your past, present and future blogging status by different ways. Let’s find out!

Here the 4 powerful tools which will tell you, whether your blog is on the right track or not;

1#. Webmaster Tools: Google webmaster tool is a very common website analyzing tool for every webmaster. By using this tool, you can find out your recent estimated organic traffic from the Google search engine. This tool will also show you the ups and down of search CTR for each and every query of your blog (including- average search rank of your contents). So, here you can easily figure out what content you should improve.

There for, it’s a great way to keep your eyes on your blogging performance.

Go to the Webmaster Tools > Site dashboard > Search traffic > Search queries > Top Pages (click the suspected page’s line to see the search queries regarding the page). Now check the status!

Blog Status, Webmaster tools
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2#. Google Keyword Planner: We generally use the Google Keyword planner to find-out the perfect keywords for our blog posts. But, Only a few people know how to track blog performance using this tool.

To track whether your blog is on the right track or not, Go to the Keyword planner from here and sign in to your account. > Click “search for a new keyword and ad group ideas” >  Put your blog home page address on the ” Landing Page” option and click Get Ideas. > Then Click “Keyword Ideas”. Now if you find the recommended keywords are highly competitive then your blog is not on the right track. You need to dense a few low competitive keywords in your blog and modify the search description.

3#. Email Subscription List: It’s also one of the best tools to know whether your blog is on the right track or not. If  New Subscribe / Unsubscribe ratio increasing, your blog is performing well. On the other hand, if the ratio decreasing, then your blog is not on the right track.

It only happens when you’re sliding from your core topic.

4# Income Report: So, you’re blogging for money, right? Therefor, your main intention is earning money from your blog rather than getting a huge subscriber. So, If your bog is generating a decent money for you, then you can say that you’re on the right track with your eyes closed. But, if your blog is not generating enough money for you although you have a huge number of fans and subscribers, then your blog is not on the right track!

So, Don’t just blog, be a smart blogger! Hope you’re happy to find out your recent blog status!

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