Free Online Jobs Vs Online Business; Which Might Be The Best For You?

Online jobs and online business are totally two different money making methods. Although, it is always better to have a self-control income source than having a traditional eight hour job to the people who loves creativity and unlimited income.Still then, a majority of people who needs some extra income are preferring online jobs instead of online business.

It’s true, that you can find a suitable online job (i.e-freelance jobs) more easily than an online business which you can control from your home. But, here is no guarantee that you can find a legitimate online income source! Because, almost 99% of online job provider companies are fake.
Online Business Vs Online Jobs

On the other hand, you can build a home based online business quite easily depending on the available products or services surround you. And, here is no chance to be scammed. You can also increase your earning limit by working hard and using a little brain.

But, practically, the people who need some extra money are prefer the online jobs as it’s easy to get and easy to do. Not only this, here is another big reason is that- Job scammers are targeting the basic needs of unemployed people “The quick money”, where online business can’t do the same. You need to invest some time and money to generate income from your business.

The popularity of online jobs has been seen mostly in housewives, students and retired persons who don’t have too much capital to invest to start an online business. And, of course they want to earn some quick money also.

Decide, what will be the best for you- online job or online business;

Read the advantages and disadvantages of online jobs and online business and decide what will be the best for you-

Online jobs:


  • Easy to get and easy to join.
  • No need to have a great academical qualification.
  • No need for a big investment.
  • You can get online jobs, even free.


  • There are no 100% genuine online jobs providing company.
  • You can’t earn enough to fulfill your needs.
  • No guarantee of regular payments.
  • All the invested capitals and time will be lost. Remember Speak Asia?
  • Boring work.
  • An online job company might be closed any time.
  • Unusual terms and conditions.

Online Business:


  • Unlimited income depending on your talent and hard work.
  • No need to have a daily traditional job. You can build your own office by doing this.
  • No chance be scammed.
  • The more effort you give, the more money you earn. 
  • There are many home based business options available on the internet. 
  • Home based business are quite easy to control and no need for much investment.
  • Many online business doesn’t need to have any website (like, buying and selling- business).
  • You can create your own identity within your society being successful.


There is no such serious disadvantages of an online business except it needs time and a bit of internet marketing knowledge. Sometime it needs a little investment.
Therefor, online business is best for every one who really want to earn from the internet.

conclusion: If you’re looking for an online job to make some part time income, then I would like to encourage you to do a home based business instead of online job. Still if you want to do an online job then do it seriously like your own business.

To get an online business idea, please read- A Few Online Business Ideas Without Investment.
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