How I Got a Valuable Backlink From Amazon

Although the search engine like Google has decided to give a less importance to the backlinks in the Google ranking, but the backlinks are still playing a big role in SEO directly or indirectly! Normally, high quality backlinks improve your page rank, and the page rank is related to the SEO.

Therefor the backlinks which are coming from higher authority sites is one of the biggest asset of your website. Probably, you already know that how tough to get a valuable backlink from the top sites like- Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, etc. But, once you able to get that, your page rank will be improved early.

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how I got a valuable backlink from which is visible on the both Alexa and Google Webmaster Tools.

Backlink check
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Backlink check Alexa
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Backlink from

It’s a very easy method! I just created an Amazon aStore (a custom affiliate shopping store provided by the from my Amazon Associate account quite a few months ago. And, this brings me a backlink from (page rank-8).

You can also get a backlink from Amazon by following the steps below-

Step#1. Sign Up for Amazon Associate: Amazon associate is a very famous affiliate program where webmasters can earn a certain commission by selling Amazon products through their websites. If you don’t have an Amazon Associate account, then you can create it by a few clicks  from here.

Now, after getting your account active, log in into your Associate account and then follow the next steps-

Step#2. Creating an aStore: After signing in into your associate account, click the aStore tab >> Then “Add an aStore” >> Select your tracking Id (better to choose a new tracking Id) >> Then click “continue“.

Step#3. aStore Set Up: This is the main part of creating the backlink. After clicking the “continue tab” you will see the “create aStore page” where you can set up your own custom Amazon affiliate store and a backlink to your site.

Here, first of all you need to choose your desired categories for your Amazon store and then you must active the backlink option by clicking the “Enable a link back to my site in the navigation” check box, just below the aStore setting. Now, you can add your site name and URL in the given space to get a link back to your main site. See the screenshot of my aStore setting!

Getting backlink from Amazon

After that you need to complete two more steps- Edit Color & Design, and Sidebar Widgets. These steps are really very easy and I think here is no need for demonstration.

At the end of the final step, you will get a link like this- This is your aStore link! Now, link this aStore as a stand-alone shopping section of your main site with a special navigation like “Shopping Section” (See this blog’s “Important Pages” footer navigation- Shop Amazon).

That’s all for getting a backlink from the You need to wait a few days to see the backlink update in your Alexa site info.

Note: If your site doesn’t need an aStore at all, then you can put your aStore link in your any other website or blog. Your aStore must be active, otherwise you’ll lose the backlink. And most importantly, you should always try to build natural backlinks which are coming from relevant sites.

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