Ways to Make Money Online With Google

Google is the most famous name in the world of internet. Today, every business and the common internet users are using the Google and its products for the different purposes (both personal and business purposes). The Google is not only helpful to grab quick and right information instantly, but it can also help you to make money online for living. Google has many different kinds of products which will help you to make money online.

Make money with Google

Here the list of some Google products to make money online;

1# AdSense: Google Adsense is an advertising program specially designed for the website owners (also called publishers). Here, a web master can make on average $0.2 for every click received on the Google ads attached on his/her websites.

If your website or blog meets the Adsense TOS, then you can apply the Google Adsense using your Gmail address and your website URL. It’ll take a few days to get reviewed and approved your Adsense account by the Adsense team. Once your account approve, you can place the Google Ad codes in your website to display relevant Google ads on your websites. That’s all you need to do!

2# YouTube: YouTube is the largest free video sharing social website in the world. Its a part of Google. Here you can upload your favourite videos to the worldwide viewers. Not only that, here you can create your own video channel to let people subscribe your all videos under a single path.

Once your videos get popular, then you can monetize your YouTube channel using the YouTube monetization tab (YouTube Partner Program). After setting up your account, your videos will show ads, from where you’ll get paid for each successful view of your YouTube ads.

3# Blogger: Google Blogger is a free and powerful blogging platform designed for the both new and professional users. Here you can create your own blog to express your thoughts and experience to the public for absolutely free. Once your blog start receiving a decent number of traffic, then you can monetize your Blogger blog by using the “Earnings tab” in your Blogger dashboard. Actually, it’s a process of applying the AdSense account directly from the Blogger dashboard.

After approving the AdSense account, you can display the Google ads on your Blogger blog by just a few clicks. Not only from AdSense, you can use different advertising programs like Chitika and Amazon Associate to monetize your Blogger blog too.

4# Google Play: It is the official app store of Google, especially for the Android users. Here people downloading applications (game, apps, music, books, movies, etc.) for their Android phones. Currently Google Play has over 1,400,000 applications for download, both free and paid (Wikipedia-2014).

Now, if you are an app developer then, you can make money by uploading your paid version Android application on Google Play through Developer Console (will be charged $25 as registration fee). Not only this, you can also sell your eBooks through Google Play.

5# AdMob: It is a mobile app advertising system where you can monetize your small screen (mobile and tablets) apps by displaying high quality banners, videos and interstitials advertisements. This super flexible advertising system is available for the platforms- Android, iOS, unity and cocos. Google claimed that over 650,000 apps are already using the AdMob.

6# AdWords: Google AdWords is an online advertising system where you can advertise your business online, both on Google search pages and its partner’s websites (Websites using AdSense).

Here you can’t make money directly from the Google AdWords, but you can increase your business conversion and sales by using this advertising system. Actually, it’s working as a business income booster which will increase your earnings.

7# Google Partner Program: If you have an online advertising agency or if you are a digital marketing professional or other online consultant, then this program is for you. By joining the Google Partner Program, you’ll get the access lots of especial tools from Google, which will boost your online marketing knowledge. Not only this, Google will also let you access free exams and valuable study materials to become an AdWords certified.

After being an AdWords certified, you will get lots of new clients from Google Partner search. These also show your business more trusted among your clients as you’re directly connected with Google.

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