Off-page SEO; Modern Off-page Optimization Techniques

Off-page SEO is also known as off-page optimization. In term of improving SEO of web pages or an entire website, it’s playing a major role.

Everything you’re doing outside of your website in order to improve the SEO is called off-page SEO. There are many ways to improve off-page SEO but, most of the webmaster and SEO experts are mainly focusing on the link building process. Because, the search engine like Google revealed that they are using the external links (incoming links or backlinks) to decide Page Rank and search ranking.

  • Google counts page rank of a particular website by using the signals coming from the external links (“dofolow”) which are pointing to that website. 
  • The page rank is one of the most important ingredients of the search ranking factor.

So that, link building is leading the whole off-page optimization process. But, you also need to consider another three things which are also playing a big role in off-page SEO- 1. social media optimization 2. classified submission and 3. Google place

off-page optimization

Therefore, the main four parts of off-page optimization is-

  1. Link building.
  2. Social media optimization.
  3. Classified submission.
  4. Google Place.

1. Link Building;

Lesson: Only ”dofollow” links affect page rank and SEO. There are no value of “nofollow” links in SEO

Here obviously link building has the highest value in the off-page optimization process as it’s directly connected with the Google page rank. But before going to build links for your website, you must know that Google dislike all the link building prepossess which are causes manipulation of page rank. For instance- Guest blogging for link building is a violation of Google webmaster quality guidelines as here you’re going to manipulate your page rank by placing your links on other blogs by force. Here the Video-

According to the Google- The word ‘Link Building” in not 100% correct in today’s SEO. You can’t build links to manipulate your page rank. You might get a negative effect for doing that.

You can only think of winning the backlinks from the relevant websites and blogs. This is the only recommended way by which you can improve your page rank and search engine ranking properly. All the other ways like- link exchange, paid links, guest blogging, etc. are black listed (Blackhat SEO).

Here one thing should be mentioned that, if you are planning to hire an SEO company then first of all you need to ensure that they are not going to hurt your website by getting lots of backlinks by using Blackhat SEO techniques. It’s true that, this might improve your page-rank and search ranking in a very short time, but it will be going down permanently just after investigating by the Google quality management team. Here you need to understand that, all the SEO companies are using more or less Blackhat SEO techniques to make quick returns for their clients to impress. Where an original and responsible SEO company only working on quality management and competitive analysis of your business website.

Therefor, you should only focus on the quality and usefulness of your website or contents that people like to hyperlink your content on their website naturally.

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2. Social media optimization;

Many people think that social media can only supply lots of traffic to a website or an online business, but it doesn’t have any value in SEO. But, practically it’s not true! Today the smart search engines like Google, consider social signals coming from different social media (like- Twitter, Google plus) to determine the popularity and usefulness of a content. Therefor social media optimization is no doubt a form of off-page SEO.

3. Classified Submission:

There are many webmasters who still believe in classified submission to build “dofollow” back links and get advertising traffic to their website at the same time. I also believe that classified advert for “dofollow” back links is not a violation of Google quality guideline because, business needs advertising. But, you should keep all the things in a limit. If you try to get huge back links through classified advertising then Google will definitely catch you.

So, before doing classified submission, you really need to consider that if your website is perfectly fit in classified categories or not. Otherwise, your website will be marked as spam by the both Google and online classified  community.

4. Google Place:

Google place is designed for the local businesses specially. It displays local businesses for the local and related search queries along with location (map). But general websites and business also can use this facility to improve overall SEO. They can certainly use Google local business to indicate head office, branch office, business location purpose. It might not get you back links, but it can definitely improve your search visibility.

Now what?

Now, it’s clear that off-page optimization is also very important, like on page optimization, in order to improve the overall SEO of a particular website or an online business. You need to work on both to make your website perfectly search engine optimized.

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