Basic Ways to Get Your Website on The First Page of Google

Obviously, your website needs to show up on the Google first page, if you really want to make any difference within your online business revenue. It’s because of, more than 1.17 billion people are using the Google search engine to search the internet (78% of total searches), which is more than 3 times larger than any other search engines like- Bing, Yahoo and the Chines search engine Baidu. That’s clearly indicating that- if you’re not getting traffic from Google, then you are probably missing the original success of online business!

Now, if you want to get traffic from Google, then your website must appear on the first page of the Google search result page. Because, rest of the pages are not so effective (people actually don’t see those pages). So, you should always target the first page of Google search results.

Get your website on the first page of the Google search results page

I saw many people asking for the solution on different forum sites that- their search ranking dropped from the Google second pages to the third, fourth pages. Now, my answer to them is- you should not be worried about that because, ranking on the Google second page is same like ranking on the third, fourth and rest of the all pages. It’s simply not working!

Process to Get Website on The Google First Page;

Before knowing anything, you should know that- you can find many articles and tips about the Google first page ranking on different of big name websites, but, you must know that nobody knows except Google, how exactly rank on the first page of Google search. That means, most of the third party tips are based on some studies and a little imaginary also (like- 2 comes after 1).

Therefore, nobody can really guarantee the Google first page ranking! But hopefully, Google has indicated us a few ways by which we can try to appear our websites in the Google first page.

No.1 Content is The Key: According to the Google SEO starter guide (PDF- page No.14)- a useful, fresh and quality content can affect on the search engine ranking of your website more than any other Google factors. So, you must create valuable and quality content to attract human users and search engines at the same time. Google also encourages us to create content primarily for the visitors (page-15), not for the search engines.

Now, here is a clear indication that the Google wants only user friendly contents which will be good for both the website visitors and Google searchers. Not only the Google, today, almost every top search engine giving priority to the usefulness than any other search ranking factors. Because, search engines also want to make their search results more useful to their users.

Google never reads a web content to determine its usefulness. Probably they are using some kinds of technologies for that. According to the Google, a good content is what users like to invite other users on it through different channels like- social shares, blog post, forum posting, etc. (page-14). So, without a good content, you can’t think for Google first page ranking.

No.2 Keyword Sense: Using proper keywords within the proper places of your content is important to get noticed by the Google (as well as other search engines). But, having a good keyword sense can put your web content on the first page of Google search.

Here one thing should be mentioned that- Google not only matching the keywords to find the relevant results for each search query, its smart search algorithm also able to understand the topic behind every search query and it tries to display relevant and topic related search results (not 100% search terms related results). See the picture for ideas!

So, the fact is- it’s better to think of the overall topic than only some matching keywords. For instance- if you want to write on the topic “blogging” thing, you should think of the closely related things which are necessary for blogging (like- How to blog, make money blogging, How to start a blog, etc.”).

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No.3 Geo-Targeting & Google Place: If your business belongs to a certain country or a certain city, then you should target the specific country or city by using Google Geo-targeting and Google local business submission respectively.

There is a huge difference between and Google’s regional version search engines (like-,,, etc.). The regional version search engines are mostly designed for displaying country level search results for a better user experience. Now, if your business belongs to a certain country, then you can tell Google about that using the Search Console >> search traffic >> international targeting. After targeting a specific country, Google will give priority to your website for the relevant search queries within that country.

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Now, if your website belongs to a certain city, then you can use Google place for business to display your website on the Google first page for relevant local queries (along with location). It’s very simple but highly effective. You just need to provide all the business information correctly!

No.4 Google AdWords: If you’re in a hurry, then you can use Google AdWords to display your business website ads on the first page of the Google. Yes, it’s not the part of SEO but, if you need some quick traffic to your business, then AdWords is unbeatable.

By using AdWords search engine advertising, you can display your business ads on the Google search results page for every keywords you have targeted. This is one of the excellent ways to get a lot of organic traffic. But, maintaining the top position of your ads might be costly!

Note: These are only the important factors of Google fist page ranking. Probably, you should also follow the other search engine optimization tips provided by the Google to get the betst results. So, download the Google SEO starter guide (already given the link in this article) now.

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