Know, How Outbound Links (hyperlinks) Affects Your Content Quality

A high quality web content is nothing but a highly useful information to its users. Therefore, improving your content quality means, improving its usefulness. But, before doing anything, you have to make sure that your content is unique and your users will be benefited by accessing your content. It’s very important because, if your content fail to provide enough information, then your users will simply ignore it and will go to another place.

Now, if you want to improve your content quality, then you need to consider many common things such as- informative media files, relevant and attractive title, presentation style, targeted keywords, etc. But, do you know, that outbound links (hyperlinks also known as supporting contents) from your content is also affects your content quality to the human users as well as to the search engines? Let’s see-

Hyperlink affects content quality

Outbound links and Content Quality;

Outbound links are also known as hyperlinks which are pointing some external/internal web pages (Playing a role as supporting information). An outbound link has two parts- a) hyperlink, b) hypertext.

The hyperlink is the ”URL” part and the hypertext is the “text” part which is pointing an outsource. Now, let’s see how the outbound links can improve your content quality-

No 1. To boost usefulness: As content quality is totally depends on its usefulness so, you can easily increase the usefulness of your content by attaching some high quality relevant supporting information with it. These will help users to grab more accurate and a vast knowledge of your content. On the other hand, low quality supporting links will reduce the usefulness of your content.

Update: (8/12/2015)- Recently the Google has released search quality rating guidelines where clearly said that useful supplementary contents will improve satisfactions which cause a higher rating of a webpage (PDF file page 21, section 4.5).

No 2. To boost trust factor: By adding high quality hyperlinks within your content, you not only can boost its usefulness, but also it can obtain the users trust. For instance- user will trust more on your content if you pointing a government site (education site, nonprofit organization) as your source of information.

Now, search engines like also prefer the valuable contents which are more useful to its users. So, if your content is useful to your users, then it will aromatically rank higher in search engine result pages.

But, one thing you should remember that, you should not use “real=nofollow” tag while you’re hyperlinking an quality external source. Because, ”real=nofollow” tag will block search engines to read the external link. As a result, search engines will never judge the relevancy and quality of your content!

So, follow these rule and make your contents more useful.

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