5 Ultimate Secret Behind Driving Social Traffic To Your Blog

Driving lots of traffic from social media has no secret! You can also generate a decent amount of social traffic to your blog by just following a few simple rules. Probably there are many expert opinions are available on the social media market, but, sometime those advanced tricks are seeming problematic to the new bloggers who don’t have much knowledge in social media marketing.

So, if you are a new blogger and want to drive social traffic to your blog, then you need to follow some basic rule of social media optimization while you’re creating your blog contents. Remember, search engine optimization and social media optimization are two different things. A highly search engine optimized blog post might not be so popular in social media. Therefore, you need to optimize your blog posts for social media also to drive social traffic to your blog.

Basic Rules of Social Media Optimization

There are only four basic rules of social optimization which you need to follow to get social attention to your blog posts. And the rules are-

No.1 Your Posts Topic Must be Interesting: If you examine social media trends closely, then you can see that people like to see and share only the interesting things over social media. Here interesting things mean the things which target the common people’s needs and interests with unique packaging and combination. For example- if you share an article about “where to buy blue jeans”, then it might not get so much social attention as everyone might not be interested to buy blue jeans. But, if you share an article about “how to take care of your blue jeans”, then it will get huge social attention as everyone who has blue jeans would like to take care of his/her blue jeans.

No.2 Your Posts Must Be Useful and Unique: Usefulness is the key to success in blogging! Your posts must be helpful to the people to make any difference in blogging. People love to share helpful things with their friends and family over social media. Therefore, a useful post is not only helps people, but also it can generate a huge social traffic to your blog.

Here one thing should remember that-your posts must be unique along with helpfulness to get the maximum user attention. But, if your post is similar to others, then, people will neglect your post because, it always bore people.

No.3 Your Posts Must Have Nice Visual Contents: Visual contents such as pictures and videos are always attracting more people because; it is the easiest way to get the overall idea of a topic to the all kinds of readers. Not only that, visual contents are itself works as an eye catching factor which helps to get users attention to a certain topic on social media. You can see a study about this on HubPost.

No.4 Your Blog Must Have Social Share Icons: It’s one of the most important part of social media optimization. Your blog must have nice social sharing icons that people can share your content easily without leaving your blog. If you’re using WordPress then you can use the social sharing plugin to implement social sharing icons to your blog, but, if you’re using Blogger, then I recommend using custom social sharing buttons like- Shareaholic.

No.5 Make people share your content, not you: If you are a new blogger, then here is a big chance that you will make a mistake at this point. All the new bloggers are in a hurry to share their newly launched post to the different of social media and groups to get noticed. But, it’s not the right way to get huge traffic from social media. You have to make other people share your content instead of you share your own content. Here a unique and useful post will be helpful.

You can also do this by building a good relationship with other popular bloggers by commenting on their blogs regularly.

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