Top 5 Full Time Work from Jobs for 2016; Earning Opportunity Online

Days have changed, now the works from home jobs are not only bounded in the people who don’t have much serious work to do (such as housewives and retired person). Today, millions of office employees also prefer working from home as it’s more flexible than 9-5 office jobs and also has a great scope of earnings.

According to the flexjob survey in the year 2012, there were 97 % of parents preferred a flexible job than having a traditional office job. You can access the full report here. And now, today the demand of work from home job has increased significantly in all groups of people. It’s all because of globalization of the internet in all sectors.

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The work from home job has also brought a great opportunity to the big and small size organizations that they can hire a freelancer to handle a certain portion of their business. This is really cost effective and at the same time they can have the opportunity to appoint a specialist for their upcoming project.
So, if you’re planning to do a work from home job next, then it’s better to be prepared now. Because, there will be a tough completion in the near future. Here presenting the top 5 work from home jobs for the year 2016 (according to the increasing demand and earnings opportunity).

 5 Big Paying Online Work From Jobs For 2016

No.1 Software Developing: If you’re a software developer, then here is a big opportunity for you to become your own boss. Software developers are always high in demand but, the requirement of developers will be increase more rapidly in the near future due to globalization of computer and wireless computing devices such as Tablets and Smart Phones. The software makes complex computer operations simple and faster so; the useful software will vastly popular in today’s busy world.
You can find thousands of small and medium size software development projects with freelancing sites like Freelancer with an average value $300 to $3000. If you can finish a project successfully, then there will be no crisis of work!
No.2 Web Developing: We already know that how important to have an online identity of a business today, where people like to grab necessary information online before appearing in a physical market. That is why small and medium size businesses are in a hurry to make a website for their business. Not only that, today people also interested in online business as it has become more powerful than offline.
So, if you’re a web developer or a website designer then you’ll earn lots of money by creating websites from your home. You can find website, making works in many ways, such as creating your own business website, by joining a couple of freelancing sites or by contacting a few web developing companies. You can also create beautiful WordPress themes to sell.
No.3 Copywriting: Copywriting is actually online commercial content writing process which has been used to generate online sales and leads. Copywriting is an art, and everyone will not be able to create an attractive copy which can convince targeted people. Therefore, if you have a creative mind and want to do copy writing job, then you can make huge money by writing commercial (promotional materials) words for the online marketers.
Here is a great article where you can see the earning opportunity as a freelancer. There are many freelancing sites are available to start your copy writing job. But remember, it’s always helpful, if you have an earlier experience in copy writing.
No.4 Data Analysis: Not only big companies, today all the small and medium sized online business need to analysis their business data comes from different marketing channels that they can set-up their upcoming marketing strategy for today’s competitive marketplace. But, discovering exact useful information from raw analytic data is too tough for the newcomers and the business owners. So they’re hiring freelancing professional data analyzers.
You can find home based data analysis jobs in the freelancing sites like Elance and Upwork.
No.5 Social Media Manager: Today social media is one of the biggest platforms to get targeted customers and clients for the online business. Therefore, social media marketing has become a mandatory part of any online business. So, if you’re a social media marketing specialist, then here is a great opportunity for you to start your work from home job career now.
You can find a social media manager job using any reputed freelancing sites.

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