Does Online Ad Posting Jobs Real? Can You Make Money From It?

Ad posting job is the most controversial online job in the internet. Because, most of the online job scam belongs to the ad posting job. So, the question is really important to the all online ad posting job searchers that does this job is realistic or not.

Well, online “ad posting job” idea has come from the rapid growth of free classified sites and the popularity of free online ads. Free classified ad posting is a good idea to promote any kind of business, service online. But, making a paid ad posting service depending on free classified ads with your business message is not a good idea. Because, business conversion rate of the free classified site is too low. So, it’s quite impossible to pay to the ad posting clients from the revenue comes from the posted ads.

Is ad posting job real?

Many ad-posting companies out there are promoting their own services through paid ad posting clients. And, they have claimed that they are earning from it. I still don’t understand that- how they are earning for each free classified ad posted by their paid clients? It’s only a process of collecting registration fees from new clients. Now, if a company doing such thing, then there is a clear sign of a scam.

Practically, there are no such legal sources to convert free classified ads into money. I personally tried to build a legitimate ad posting service with some of my online marketing expert friends for almost one year. But, we were unable to find a real source by which we can convert client’s ad posting into a profitable amount of money. For instance- we’ve tried to promote affiliate products, pay per lead services, direct sale-able products, our own service, etc. But, every time we got the same result- the business conversion rate of free classified ads is to lower than online advertising services like- Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, etc.

Therefore, we’ve made an easy conclusion that ad posting job is not realistic. All the companies which are providing online ad posting jobs are directly or indirectly related to ad posting job scam. So, my suggestion is- keep yourself away from online ad posting job.

Still, there are many companies which really paying to their clients quite regularly. But, if you compare your earnings with your investments (such as- registration fees, electricity bill, internet bill, etc.) then, you’ll definitely get the idea that you’re actually not earning enough. It’s also very close to the scam.

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