How to Use Facebook to Get Customers Without Investment

You probably know that the social media “Facebook” is now has become a great place for business also. Facebook is not only connecting people around the world, but also it can deliver your business messages to the more relevant people around the world via its advertising tool. Here is no doubt that the Facebook advertising is the second largest online advertising platform (just behind the Google AdWords) for the online advertisers.

Facebook for business

But, if you own a call to action type business, such as local job provider, home solution provider, Product supplier, etc., then, you can get hundreds of phone calls regarding your business products or service using the Facebook without any investment every day. Just follow the instructions below to set-up your business on Facebook now without any investments.

Set-up a Facebook Page to Start Marketing

First of all you need to create a Facebook page for your business. Creating a Facebook page is not a big deal, but, creating a Facebook page to promote your business is a different thing. Now, let’s see how to create a successful Facebook page for your business-

1. Page Name: As you’re about to take your business over the Facebook so, it’s better to keep the original name of your business on the Facebook. Remember, people on the Facebook are going to see the online version of your original business.

2. Description: Give a useful, relevant and a short description of your Facebook page that your customer would know your business clearly while they’re on your Facebook page and searching the web. Here one thing should be mentioned that- the search engine like Google will also index your Facebook page and will show in the search result page for relevant search queries. So, description is also a very important part of your Facebook page. You can do a keyword research to make your page description search engine friendly.

3. Set up a call to action button: Facebook allows creating a call to action button (such as call now, contact us, book now, etc.) in Facebook page for your customers/fans by which you can guide them to do a successful business with you.

Facebook call to action

4. Create the Pin Post: Pin post always laid on the top of your Facebook posts. So, this post should contain your business offers along with a call to action message such as contact number, email address, etc. This will give your Facebook page more professional look.

Join Relevant Groups to Target Relevant People

Next, you have to find some Facebook groups related to your business matter. There is almost every type of groups available on the Facebook. You just need to search the relevant groups using the Facebook search bar. Facebook will also show you some relevant groups after joining the one.

Groups are the most important factor in promoting your business over Facebook for free. Here each group represents a bunch of potential customer. I’ve already tested it and got an excellent result.

Update: Here is a very helpful video about Facebook marketing released by +Salma Jafri . It will definitely help you a lot to understand the actual method of Facebook marketing.

Here you need to remember a few things;

All relevant Facebook groups are not same. They might be different from each other and also might have different requirements. So, you need to understand each group closely before sharing your promotional business post to each group. Just visit each group and see what types of posts are getting maximum number of likes, shares and comments. This is the best way to know Facebook group requirements.

Create a separate post for each group depending on their type and requirements to get good result.

Create Only Engaging Posts

Before creating any promotional post for Facebook marketing, you need to know one thing that- post with images are performing better than a normal word based post. So, your every post must have a relevant and interesting image to get more attention from people on Facebook.

But, as you’re doing business so, you also need to put your call to action message (like- contact number or email address) within every post or within post image.

Selecting post images: Well, it might look very easy but, choosing engaging images for your promotional post is really tough. But, you can solve this problem by following a few rules-

  • Always uses relevant and unique images. 
  • If you have product related business then you can use your product images. 
  • Don’t use Google and other search engines to find your images. Because, those images are common. Use other social media such as Twitter to find your images. 
  • Put your message within your post images.

Post Sharing Time: Yes, post sharing timing also matters a lot! Most of the Facebook marketing experts are recommending time between 1 pm to 4 pm to share Facebook posts. But, you still need to find it yourself for your own perfect timing. Just experiment for a week and you’ll get your perfect sharing timing quite easily!

Conclusion: This post is not only useful to the local business owners; you can easily build a business which only needs clients’ phone calls such as job firm, education institute, local service etc. You no need to spend money on newspaper advertising or any other online advertising to get phone calls. Use Facebook to get people on your business!

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