How Does Fake Reviews Works on eCommerce Sites; How to Spot Them

Reviews are playing a big role in eCommerce sales. It helps to determine the genuineness of an online product. As an online customer, you probably can feel the value of comments from an another customers like you, who have already purchased and used the product. Therefore, a good and positive review can push you to purchase the product without any hesitation.

Fake reviews on eCommerce sites

But, nowadays it has been seen that trusting online reviews causing a big trouble for a large group of online customers. It’s because of fake reviews! Yes, Fake reviews has became one of the biggest problems for the online buyers. It easily misguides buyers while they’re on eCommerce sites to buy their desired products.

Fake reviews are mostly created by the bad sellers who want to sell low quality products. Although many top eCommerce sites have made several changes to protect common buyers from fake reviews. Still, there are many security holes present in eCommerce technology from where a bad seller can easily post fake reviews even in top quality eCommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. So, you might think that you’re purchasing a genuine and quality product online by checking reviews but, practically you might be cheated online!

So, let’s know how bad sellers are creating fake reviews even as a verified buyer;

The process is very simple, they’re blackmailing by 7 steps below;

Step 1. Bad sellers create a seller account on the online shopping portals like Flipkart, Amazon etc.

Step 2. They sell ordinary products using high quality images and description.

Step 3. They order their own products using different addresses and account details.

Step 4. They really buy their own products to qualify as a verified buyer.

Step 5. Then they write fake reviews to make people fool online.

Step 6. They are not writing single type fake reviews for a particular product, they write different kinds of fake reviews that buyers like you can’t figure out the fake one.

Step 7. All the fake reviews not say that the product is good quality and genuine. 10 to 20 percent of them are saying a little different that people found the product is actually good. That means they are playing with your brain.

So, how to keep yourself secure;

As mentioned earlier, eCommerce companies have made many changes in their security system to protect common buyers from fake reviews. Still, it’s impossible to figure out all the fake reviews. Bad sellers are continually beating the eCommerce security system. For example- Verified Buyer is a security check post to prevent fake reviews. But, bad sellers are buying their own products using different account details and location to qualify as verified buyer. Here an eCommerce company has nothing to do. It’s really a dark side of eCommerce security system.

Therefore, the biggest question at this time is- how you can keep yourself safe while you’re shopping online?

Here a few tips for you

No. 1 Avoid buying comparatively cheaper products online.

No. 2 Don’t by the products which are commonly available in whole sale market at a very cheap rate.

No. 4 Try to buy only branded products online.

Finally, your security is in your hand. You need to be alert to keep yourself secure online. Thanks for reading.

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