Top Position in Google Search? Still You Need to Spend Money On AdWords!

Google is covering almost 90% of the total internet search market in the world (70% for desktop and 92% for tabs and mobiles- May, 2016 by Net marketshare). Therefore, it’s a really good thing that your business appearing on the top of the Google Search results for the targeted keywords. That’s also meaning that your SEO campaign is successfully sending a higher number of organic traffic to your business than your competitors.

Here, your marketing strategy is absolutely correct till this point (according to the SEO’s point of view). But, if your main intention is to get the maximum number of organic traffic to your business as a Google search engine topper (for the targeted key words), then you really need a modification into your marketing strategy.

Google SEO

Here you might think that- why you need to modify your marketing strategy while you’re in the top position of the natural Google search results?

Well, most of the online marketer thinks like you, and they believes that they’re generating the maximum amount of organic traffic by sitting on the first chair of the Google search results. But, practically it’s not true! Google is not sending the number of organic traffic to your business which you’re really capable for as an SEO topper. Let’s see why-

Why Google No.1 Position Is Not Enough?

This problem has seen mainly for the popular keywords which are mostly used by the marketers.There are only two main reasons behind this. Which are-

  1. User Behavior on a webpage (Remember, Google search result page is also a webpage).
  2. Traffic share according to the search engine ranking.

Reason#1. According to an eye tracking study (2005), people view Google SERPs in a triangular format called “Golden Triangle”, which clearly indicates that the Google users mostly view the search results appearing on the top four to five positions on the result page (users hates scrolling!). Although the Google SERPs has made several changes during the last 10 years but, still users’ behaviour on the Google SERPs remain almost same. See the eye tracking heat maps of 2005, 2014  respectively.

Heat map Google search result page 2005
2005 eye-tracking heat map!

Heat map Google SERPs page 2014
2014 eye-tracking heat map!

Now, if you study on current Google search engine result page, then you can see that- Google sponsor links are shown on the top of the search results. And, this is really affecting the original organic search results visibility. Because, people don’t care about what ads is and what the original results are. They only mean a relevant topic. Suppose you are Googling “Cheap Flits” in India then probably a few ads will be shown before the main results. That is clearly indicating that a large group of busy searchers is going to neglect the main results and going to stay with one of the relevant ads.

Expected heat map of Google SERPs 2016
2016 estimated most visible section!

So, ultimately the original organic results are badly losing its natural visibility due to placement of Google’s search engine ads.

Reason#2. In the year 2013 an online advertising company Chitika has published an analysis based article on the topic “traffic distribution according to the Google search engine position’’. And, it’s giving us a few important data by which we can easily estimate the number of organic traffic getting by any website visible on the Google SERPs. Here is the list –

Chitika study about Google search result position value

Now, the point is- above figure is based on the positioning of the all search results from top to bottom. Not only for the original search results, but also including advertisements. Here you should remember one thing that, traffic distribution will happen based on the visibility of the results, including ads which are currently showing on the top of the Google’s organic results. So, basically here a Google topper will receive 8.1% of traffic share instead of 32.5% according to the chart.

So now, if you want to get maximum traffic from the Google search engine as a search engine topper, then you also need to put an advertisement of your business in the Google AdWords to make visible your business in the Google search engine (for the relevant keywords) along with your natural organic placement. Otherwise, any xyz will eat your traffic flow by spending some money AdWords.

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