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Email Marketing Example For Higher Business Conversion

Friday, September 23, 2016

“Email marketing” one of the most essential online business tool which every marketer still using to generate highly targeted customers to their business. Although, it's one of the oldest online marketing technique, but it's still working smoothly for all types of business.

In present days, there are many advanced email marketing tools (both free and pro) are available which can help you to get subscribers and will also send promotional emails and newsletter time to time to the people chosen by you. Not only that, modern email marketing tools will also help you to choose the proper marketing materials by analyzing your business data came from various analyzing sources like Google Analytics.

Email Marketing

So, doing email marketing is not a big deal in today’s advanced world. But, the most important matter in this particular topic is- “writing the subject of each and every email that gets opened and read by the users”. Because, most of the promotional emails are simply getting ignored or marked as spam.

Nothing to be wondered, you can easily understand the reason behind it, if you take look at your own personal email. Tell me, how many promotional emails you have opened last month? Probably, not much!

Therefore, writing proper subjects for your promotional emails is the real challenge. And, it’s the real secret of email marketing success.

Here Is An Example of a Good Promotional Email;

A good example of email marketing!
Here you can see that marketer is not directly offering for an instant approval of credit card. If so, then it will probably ignore by the recipients. Because, it sounds scam. But instead of, he let people to check whether they are eligible for a credit card or not. Yes, it’s a thousand times more acceptable to the users. Because, it sounds genuine! Think deeply, that the intention behind sending this email is not changed; he just changed the form of asking.

Here some tips:
  1. Don’t always tell people directly to do what you want from them. Sometime making a little difficulty is good. Because, it’ll make a positive thought about your offer.
  2. Make your email subject unique that it can be visible in the crowd. Get listed in your competitions email list to see what they are writing.
  3. Avoid writing the word “offer”. Write how people can get your products or services.
  4. Avoid writing the word “Free”. Because, people think that- why it’s free? There is something wrong!
Finally, I would like to say one thing that- “Marketing” is an art. It needs creativity and sharp analyzing eyes. There is not a fixed way of convincing people. It totally depends on you that how you’re going to convince your customer without making them bore.

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