How To Create AdSense Targeted Blog Post With 3 Simple Steps

You probably heard that, targeting ‘money’ is not the correct way of blogging. But, it is also true that you need to earn money from your blog while you’re blogging professionally.

That means you need to find out a proper way by which you can create valuable posts for your readers which also can give you maximum revenue from the Google AdSense. It is the main secret of making money from AdSense. So, obviously it’s quite tough for the new bloggers. But, if you’re using the Google Analytics then you can do this very easily!

Adsense targeted post for your blog

Here presenting three golden steps by which you can create worthy articles for both you and your readers.

Creating AdSense Targeted Blog Posts Using The Google Analytics Data;

The process are below

  1. Find the most earning keywords of your blog. It’s a little complicated.
  2. Find the top earning location where people viewing your blog.
  3. Find the most earning age group of your blog.
Before doing anything, you need to connect the both your AdSense and Analytics account together that you can have all the meaningful analysing data within your Analytics account.

Let’s see how to do this-

    No.1 Finding the most earning keywords:  Once if you could find the keyword list, which are giving you most of AdSense revenue, then you can easily improve your earnings by creating more blog posts using those or related long tail keywords.

    Procedure:  It’s a little complicated process than the next two steps. So, please understand it carefully!

    Login into your Analytics account and go to the “Reporting” section where you can see the “behavior” tab to the left bottom of your screen. Now open, the behavior tab and you’ll see a sub-tab called “Publisher”. Here you can see your AdSense analysis data. Now follow these steps- Click the “Publisher” >> “Publisher’s pages”. Now you can see something like the screenshot below-

    Finding most profitable pages of your blog

    Here you can get a clear idea about which pages are giving you the most revenue from AdSense. But, to get the keywords responsible to those pages, you need to go to the Search Console.

    To get the keyword list behind any pages of your blog, follow the steps below-

    • Open “Search Console”  >>  Go to your blog Dashboard.
    • Click “Search Traffic”  >>  “Search Analytics” >> Then select “Pages”.
    • Now click on your targeted “page link” which are shown in the Google Analytics report. 
    • Now select “Queries” to see which keywords are people using to access the targeted pages of your blog.

    Here is a demonstration- how you can find most earning keywords behind a particular page using the Search Console data. For example- here I’m showing the keywords behind the page link- “/2014/07/a-list-of-genuine-online-job-sites-that.html” which I’ve found one of the most earning pages of my blog using Google Analytics data. See the image below.

    No.2 Finding most earning locations: Today the local SEO is not only working for business websites, it also works well for blogs also. For instance, if your blog is about food, then you can write some topic on local food recipe. This might give you more targeted audiences.

    Procedure: Now, to know which location (country, state or city) is giving you most of revenue you need to go Analytics account first. And then-

    • Go Reporting >> Behaviour >> Publisher >> Publisher Page.
    • Now select the “Secondary dimension” and expand “User” tab and choose City/country. 

    Now you can see the locations which are responsible for most of your revenue. See the screen shoot-

    Finding AdSense clicks location
    No.3 Finding most earning age group: If you know which (age) group of people is most valuable to you, then you can easily create some valuable posts for them. Age group also providing an overall idea about their demand and their quality. So, it’s really helpful to create AdSense targeted post.

    Procedure: You can get the most valuable age group idea on your Analytics account easily by following the same process of finding the location (No.2). Here you just choose the “Age” instead of city/country.

    See the screen shoot below-

    Getting most valuable Age group within your readers.

    So, now create the AdSense targeted post using these data. Hope you will do it very soon. waiting for your replay.

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