Conversion Rate Optimization For Free Classified Advertising. For The Low Budget Business

In present days we the online marketer about to forget online classified advertising as we are very much addicted to the advanced pay per click advertising systems such as AdWords, Facebook, Microsoft advertising, etc. So, all the low budget businesses are kicked off from the competition very early. Probably a low budget food supply will not beat the big companies like MacDonald in online advertising. Therefore, low budget businesses have to find another platform where competition and advertising cost are quite low.

Classified Advertising are still alive 😐

If you own a small size online business or a local business, then you must not only believe in today’s advanced advertising system to get a satisfactory ROI from online advertising. There are also plenty of classified sites available where you can find your expected customers or clients quite easily at a very low cost or even free of cost. Because, online classified ads are mostly free of cost. You just need to use some tricks before going to place ads on classified sites.

➤  “More sites you advertise, more visibility you get” is not always correct: Perhaps you may think that, you need to gather your ads in as many as classified sites to gain visibility (most advertisers think like that). But, practically it doesn’t work.

It’s better to place your ads only on those classified sites which are specialized on your business topic. Let’s clarify with an example- Suppose you own a dog supply chain in Mumbai, India, Then you need to go for OLX, Sulekha, Quikr, etc. to get more customers via online. Other site will not much more effective for you. Continue reading to know “why?”

Only Google can give you proper list: Probably everyone using Google to find anything online. But, only a few knew how actually find the most relevant things using Google search. Remember, Google search is mainly a logical system which displays relevant search results for each and every query from its index part. So, basically you need to provide the nearest matching keywords to Google to get the most relevant search results.

Know how to get the most relevant keywords for Google search: to do that, you can take help of Google keyword Planner (Google search analytics data tool) to see- which keyword phase people are mostly using in Google to find your related business online. Well, it might seem too much for searching only a few relevant free classified sites, but you really need to do this for your own business.

So, first of all get some high traffic keywords related to your business and then, search Google using those keywords to see which classified sites are appearing in higher position in the Google search results page. Believe me; those classified sites will only give you highest feedback. It has been already tested by me. See the picture demonstration-

Lets you have a dog shop in Mumbai. So find AdWords using your business basic keyword- “pet shop Mumbai” and pick the most relevant keywords for your business.

Finding perfect keywords for your business

➤ Place Your Ads in Proper Categories: Most of the traffic of a higher demand classified site is coming from search engine like Google. So, ultimately you’re targeting search engines by placing your ads on those types of classified sites, right?

Therefore, you need to place your ads in proper categories that users can find your as relevant to them.

➤ Using Unique and Honest Title of your Ads: The online classified advertising is mostly free. So a vast number of scammers are using free classified advertising to cheat people for a long while. So, your Ad title must be honest and unique to gain visitor’s attention.

Good Quality and Real Picture is the key: Always upload real pictures of your business products or service to make your Ads more genuine to the users. Most of the classified ads do not come with the real pictures. It is sending a bad signal to the visitors.

📔Note: Most of the popular classified sites offer free ad posting. But, if you want continues flow of response from your ads, then you can buy premium features (such as- top list ads, highlight ads, etc.). Don’t worry, premium classified advertising cost is very low (around $1 to $10) and the response is comparatively higher than pay per click advertising systems.

But, it should be remembered that all types of business would not get a same number of responses from classified advertising. According to my study, the business based on call generate will get a huge response from classified advertising.

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