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How To Work With The Google AdSense Smoothly

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Google Adsense a big name in online revenue system. It's a dream of every online money makers that someday he/she will live a grand life using AdSense revenue. Well, it's another matter that all the dream might not come true. But, people definitely can reach closer if he/she give full effort and get a bit of favour of luck.

Although the AdSense is the world's best online revenue system for the web publishers still, it has some very strict terms and conditions. And, it causes million of AdSense account disable every year around the world. Unlike others, AdSense team will disable an account for a little violation of its TOS. It is probably for the safety of their advertisers.

How actually should work with Adsense

So, basically you can't be fearless when you're working with the Google Adsense whether your account is old or new. On the other hand, it's also true that there are a lot of publishers who earning a good amount of money from Adsense for a long time without any issue. That is a clear indication that there is a genuine and safe way to work with the Google Adsense

Let's find out-

No.1 AdSens is strict only to the bad publishers;

Many people out there are criticising Adsense that its ban publishers for, almost without any reason. But, it's not true! Adsense never ban any publisher without any reason, if so, then it's definitely not be the world's top website monetising system. You probably know that Adsense is the main income source of thousands of people around the world. And, they make quite a huge money from it every month.

Adsense team just wants to keep their advertisers safe from any kind of unusual activities by the Adsense publishers. It's the main policy of Adsense. So, as an Adsense user, you also need to keep it in your mind that you're respecting with the ads displaying on your site. So, basically if you're loyal to the advertisers the Adsense team will also be loyal to you.

No.2 No more confusion! Just follow what Adsense team said:

New Adsense users are always in a hurry to make money! So, they experiment too much with ad implementation and site designing like what their ideal sites are doing. But, it's not the actual way. You need to understand your site and its designing. You need to find out what position and what type of ad units are working best for you. But, you should not cross the Google Adsense ad placement guideline.

No.3 Get help only from official AdSense forum: 

Nobody knows AdSense better than Adsense itself. So, no one will give a better demonstration of your problems except what Adsense team recommends. You will get thousands of solutions of a particular problem in format of blog posts, forum posts and YouTube videos. But, most of them are personal solutions. Your problem might be unique so, you need unique solution which only AdSense team can provide.

No.4 Only relevant traffic:

Adsense also investigates your site traffic status so deeply that they can supply relevant traffic to the contextual ads! So, it only recommends relevant traffic to your website.

Many people have a misconception about Google's recommendation about website traffic! Google has never meant that only organic traffic is good and all other traffic such as referral and social are bad. They only recommend relevant traffic coming in natural ways. For instance- generating traffic to your blog by commenting on same topic blog is a natural way. But, if you are generating random traffic by commenting on random blogs and forums then Google might ban your Adsense account as your traffic are not relevant.

Only original materials:

Here is no place for duplicity. You and your content must be original in order to make your Adsense road smooth. Google clearly said on Adsense program policies that, publishers should not implement Adsense code on pages which have copyright materials including copyright files. So, if your content consists copyright materials then you should forget Adsense.

Adsense respect, honesty! Be honest with your content, everything will automatically easy for you.

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