Signs To Be Genuine Online Jobs

Today any type of job can be found online. But you have to deal with online scam first to get a real online job. It is the most serious problem! According to an Indian news portal report (The Times of India), more than 2 crore rupees have scammed only in Bengaluru (Karnataka, India) by offering various types of fake job using big names. Now you can easily imagine how much money people are losing across India and from all over the world every year only because of fake jobs!

Scammers are mostly targeting the age group 18 to 25 years who are mostly freshers and in a hurry to get a job. It’s incredibly easy to convene a freshers by offering them an unusual income opportunity. Because they are all in a hurry to get income.

Signs of genuine online jobs

Now, according to my point of view, it’s really difficult to tell exactly how many tricks scammers are using recently. Because, they are too many and they are also using creative ideas all the time to scam people. No one can say how you might be scammed online. So, it’s better to know some strong signs which a genuine job has.

10 signs of a real online job company:

  1. No easy earnings: Making money is never easy, whether it’s online or it’s offline. If so, then everyone would be a millionaire. Money also never comes overnight in genuine ways. So, if you find any job where making money is very easy then it’s straightly a scam!
  2. No registration fees: Real employers never take money from the job seekers. If a company asking money in return for a job then it’s a scam. 
  3. Definite source of income: A genuine company always has a genuine business. Get enough information about their business model before taking a job form them. If you see a company has no such definite ways of utilizing employers work into profit, then it’s a sign of a scam.
  4. Proper and natural TOS: Companies always shows their own terms of service and an agreement copy between the job seekers and company at the time of job application. Which normally visible in the footer section of their website. Sometime you can see it on the registration page. Terms of service and agreement copy will work as a legal document and will be accepted by the court for any disputes. Some fake companies are using their TOS and agreement copy to escape from legal issues. So, always read all the TOS and Agreement copy before taking a job. If you find any kind of unnatural things, then stay out of them.
  5. Proper payment methods: Big companies always provides fixable payment methods that their users can get payment easily as early as possible. Payment gateway to receive payment and Cheque, PayPal, NEFT, Wire transfer for paying clients sounds genuine. 
  6. Old is Gold: A company can not stay long with bad reputation. So, if you found an old company with good reputation then it likely more genuine.  
  7. No Complaints Yet: Check your selected company on National Complaints Board. If complaints haven’t found then you may trust in them.
  8. Physical Office Address: Real companies has a proper physical address where they really exist physically! If a company unable to provide you a proper physical address then it’s likely a scam.
  9. Social Media Friendly: The real companies or organisations are probably social media friendly these days. Because without social media, it’s nearly impossible to get noticed by the targeted customers or the clients. But scam people are always hiding themselves from public  
  10. No Business Documents: Some online job companies are showing their legal business documents to gain trust factor. But the fact is, real companies no need to show the documents like Government License or Tax filing documents to show their genuineness. If a company is real and providing good service, then, people will promote them in a natural ways, such as writing reviews, sharing success stories. So, if an online job providing their business documents on their website then it’s likely fake.

Thanks for reading. That’s all for now. I will definitely inform you more about online jobs in the future. Keep following.

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